Monday, October 13, 2008

Walgreens $25 gift card for transferred prescription

Best part: It's good through January 10, 2009!

It says "FREE $25 Walgreens Gift Card With any transferred prescription purchase," so it would seem you can not bring in a NEW prescription. Also, in the fine print, it says, "Limit one Gift Card offer per customer, per transaction." Not sure how that will be interpreted by your pharmacy -- one per person per day? per visit? per purchase/transaction?


For no hassle, go to Giant Eagle with this coupon and they'll let you use as many as you have prescriptions. Whether it's a $4 or $100 prescription co-pay, you still get the $25 gift card for each. Some might insist it be "transfer" as it says on the coupon. Others might let you also bring "new" prescriptions for the deal.

For perhaps some hassle, try CVS or Meijer.

For more hassle, try Wal-Mart. I've heard that they no longer give more in gift card value than your co-pay. So, for a $4 co-pay, you only get $4 on the gift card. I haven't confirmed this yet.

For lots of hassle, go to Kroger. They'll let you use ONE per DAY per customer. If you have a prescription for TWO or more family members, you can get ONE per DAY per person. Also, their "We Gladly Accept Competitors Coupons" policy in the Great Lakes region (most of Ohio, except Cincy/Dayton, and Michigan, WV) indicates this restriction and says it's only intended to let people try out their stores and choose one pharmacy to stick with -- implying they'll cut you off from these coupon matches after 3 or 4 visits.


* Pretty easy. Just walk into a Walgreen's and pick one up at the front of the store. Not sure if these are just in Columbus, Ohio, area. I received one through the "bag of junk" that gets dropped on my doorstep every week. And then I stopped by Walgreen's near me to ensure there were extras there. Sometimes the flyers in the stores don't have the same wrap-around with coupon that you get through other means -- direct mail, drop off bag, etc. (where they can more easily limit your coupon acquisition ;-).


Coupon said...

Beware: At least some (one) Walgreen's pharmacist thinks that "one coupon per customer per transaction" means you can only use a transfer prescription coupon ONE TIME per LIFE. At least that's what the guy working at the Walgreen's at corner of Henderson and Kenny in Columbus, Ohio, (just north of Upper Arlington), said yesterday morning.

So I left one transfer and one coupon with him and took the rest elsewhere.


Momma said...

Online version:$25+Walgreens+Gift+Card+&img=

RxCoupons said...

Thank you.

Have you been able to use this coupon at a Walgreen's pharmacy? (and/or another pharmacy that accepts competitors' coupons)?

What does your Walgreen's pharmacist say about interpreting the "one per customer per transaction" mentioned in coupon?

Once per lifetime? Once per coupon appearance (for example,one of the ones that expires 1/10/09 ... and another ONE when a new coupon appears)?

Or as other stores interpret: One prescription and one coupon redeemed per VISIT ... maybe per DAY ... or just ring up 3 separate transactions on one visit -- more customer-friendly thing to do ... and environmentally responsible ... instead of asking someone to drive and make 3 separate trips just to pick up drugs ready to go. After all, you're doing them a favor by transferring all 3 at once ... you could ask them to transfer 1 at a time and pick up 1 at a time and each time drop off another transfer request.