Thursday, February 19, 2009

Up to $30 savings with Giant Eagle Rx coupon

The "Weekly Specials" sales flyers that came out at several Giant Eagle groceries in central Ohio TODAY (and will be in stores through next Wednesday) contain an Rx coupon.

Earn $1 in FuelPerks (up to $30 in free/discounted gas) with each new/transferred prescription you bring WITH a coupon. For 3 prescriptions, you'll need 3 coupons. Transfers from other Giant Eagles don't count.

The map to the right shows which locations had sales flyers WITH Rx coupons last week. Larger map at: .
The first few I've checked have them again this week. To check locations closer to you, go to and click on "Weekly Specials" link to view the sales flyer at that store. Coupons for most that have them are on p. 13 (or p. 16 -- Lancaster).

To see what other pharmacies accept these coupons (and with what limitations/hassles if any), see the Rx Coupons Matrix at: .

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