Friday, April 24, 2009

Kmart $10 gift card for new/transferred Rx

The Kmart sales flyer (at least in the Columbus, Ohio, area) this week has a coupon worth a $10 gift card if you bring it and a prescription to them -- new or transferred from another pharmacy (other than another Kmart pharmacy).

It was available in Sunday newspaper and also in the pile of flyers near entrance of stores this week (probably through Saturday, April 25).

It's not on the front or back page and it's not a wrap-around short page ad like they often use. It's on page 22 next to some closeout/clearance electronics stuff and under a promotion for footwear (buy one, get one 1/2 off ;-).

As a reminder, several other pharmacies accept coupons from competitors. See the list --> .

Coupon expires 5/9/09.

The gift card can be used for NON-Pharmacy merchandise. (Some competitors will give you a gift card that does NOT have this limitation -- Giant Eagle, for example; others do copy the NON-Pharmacy merchandise or NOT-FOR-USE-WITH-CO-PAYS "fine print" of competitor coupons that list that fine print ... CVS, for example).


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Anonymous said...

During their Kmart April double coupon week they printed register ad that said "transfer your RX and receive UP TO a $50 gift card".

So when you transfer it to kmart and bring the "coupon" they have you pick one of their envelopes. In them, contain pharmacy coupons, I drew up a $10 one. However, there is one that is a $50 coupon, but I bet it is very rare to pull out.

However, some of the other pharmacies will honor this for the full $50. Your mileage may vary, but it is better than going to kmart to redeem it because kmart is a random grab bag that mostly has $10 coupons. CVS honored it for the full $50, but Giant Eagle declined it (but giant eagle then went ahead and offered me a free $1 off fuelperk coupon to use instead).