Sunday, June 14, 2009

Updated matrix of which pharmacies accept competitor coupons

Lots of things have changed since I last updated the matrix of which central Ohio pharmacies accept competitor coupons.

You can find the new version here:

Giant Eagle
takes all competitor coupons with NO LIMITATIONS again.

CVS takes all competitor coupons. And they will take them not only when you bring them a new or transferred prescription (or whatever it says on the coupon). They want to keep you there. So they'll accept these coupons for refills too so you won't be as likely to transfer away the month after arriving.

However, CVS does have some LIMITATIONS and RESTRICTION (at least that what was introduced recently at the CVS nearest my home):

* Walgreen's coupons are only accepted every 6 months (or once per transaction -- one per day; depending on pharmacist you ask) based on the "One Per Customer" wording on coupon and the fact that Walgreen's only accepts these every 6 months. Kind of makes sense -- why should they have to take them more often than the competitor that printed them? However, Giant Eagle will take as many of these as I bring them. Thus, I've canceled the auto refills I had started at CVS when they started this program and transferred most of my prescriptions to Giant Eagle to use my Walgreen's coupons for gift cards at Giant Eagle.

* Another limitation is they give $20 gift cards at CVS for the Giant Eagle Rx coupons worth up to $30 when you use them at Giant Eagle or take them to Kroger. Their rationale is that most people can't fit more than 20 gallons in their car. One pharmacist offered to honor more than $20 even the full $30 if I could bring in a receipt for gas that showed I'd filled up with 20 to 30 gallons of gas.

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