Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kmart: Up to $100 for transferring 4 prescriptions

In the Kmart sales flyer this week, there's a coupon that's worth up to $100 in Kmart gift cards.

For each prescription transferred to Kmart, you can earn up to $25. You can bring up to FOUR prescriptions for a total of $100 with this coupon.

As it states, the value of the gift card is not to exceed the "full retail value" of the prescription. To me, that sounds like they mean the TOTAL cost of the prescription and NOT just your Co-Pay amount. After all, if you were not using insurance, the "full retail value" would be this total amount. For example, a drug where you pay a $15 co-pay, it may have cost your health care provider another $30 for a "total retail value" of $45. To further back this up, read in the final sentence of the fine print: "The retail/insurance reimbursed value of the prescription must exceed the value of the gift card offer to qualify for the full value of the offer."

Hurry, though, it expires 7/25/09.

I can certainly understand if you buy a $10 prescription where you make a $5 co-pay, they're only going to give you $10 (or maybe $5) and not $25.

Although CVS accepts competitors coupons, I was told Monday (7/13) that they will only give $50 for 4 prescriptions brought with this coupon regardless of the co-pays or costs of the 4 prescriptions I'd transferred there. So I used different coupons. For details about "Best and Worst Pharmacies to Use Rx Coupons ... and to Use Competitor's Coupons," see .

In the fine print it says something about "Receive this special offer when you bring this certificate with the purchase of two new or transferred prescriptions" but I think that's left over boilerplate from their usual coupon that has room to write in TWO Rx#s vs. FOUR.

It seems to allow you to bring in 1, 2, 3, or 4 "new or transferred." The big print just mentions "transfer" but the fine print clearly mentions "new" prescriptions being eligible too.

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