Monday, December 7, 2009

Kmart: $10 gift card with new or transferred Rx

There's an Rx coupon in the Kmart sales flyer this week (arrived in some bags on Saturday, Dec. 5; newspaper on Sunday, Dec. 6; and in stores throughout the week ahead). Coupon is at bottom of Page 44 of 48-page sales flyer.

You can get a $10 gift card when you bring a new or transferred prescription to them from another pharmacy.

EXPIRES: 12/31/209

LIMITATIONS: "One certificate per customer." (Some Kmart pharmacists will let you use one per day or one per week, though.)

FINE PRINT CHANGE (for the better!!!): The $10 Rx coupons had been stipulating that your COPAY had to meet or exceed the $10 value to be eligible. But now they have incorporated the same language that was in earlier coupons from Kmart (for $25) -- as long as the total amount collected by Kmart from copay or insurance totals more than the gift amount, then it's fine. If not, they'll give you a gift card for whatever the amount of the copay plus what the insurance company paid. For example, if you paid $4 and the insurance paid $4, you get an $8 gift card. Or, if you had no insurance and got stuck paying the full $8, you still get an $8 gift card. And, actually, if you had no insurance, you probably got stuck paying a lot more than $8 -- more like $15 (because you don't have the benefit of the insurance company's negotiated rate with the pharmacy :-( .

* CVS (unlimited; especially in central Ohio where they will take them with refills as well as transfers),

* Giant Eagle -- once every six months;
* Kroger -- 1 a day and might be a lifetime limit of 3 or 4 times in some areas such as Ohio/Michigan.

* WalMart
* Target

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