Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kmart $10 gift card with NEW or Transferred Rx

Kmart sales flyers that came out today (in newspapers and available in rack at front of stores) have a wrap-around that sports on the front of it an Rx coupon.

For both NEW and Transferred prescriptions, you can use these to get a $10 gift card.

EXPIRES: 1/30/2010

LIMITATIONS: Says "Limit one certificate per customer;" however, most locations/pharmacists will let you use one per day/week ... especially if some of the drugs you're bringing them are $80 copays with your insurance paying the other $240 of that $320 drug.

FINE PRINT: "Gift card amount shall equal the amount paid for the prescription (co-pay plus amount billed to insurance).
---> So, if your co-pay is only $4 but you're buying a drug that costs $10 (or more) and the insurance is paying the rest, you still get the full $10 gift card. If co-pay is $5 and insurance is only having to pay another $1 on a $6 drug, you get a $6 gift card.

WHERE ELSE CAN YOU USE THESE? CVS, Giant Eagle, and Kroger. Details about which pharmacies accept COMPETITOR coupons and with what policies/restrictions listed at

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