Wednesday, April 21, 2010

$10 Kmart gift card with NEW or TRANSFERRED; expires 5/15

In the Kmart sales flyer this week (that was in Sunday newspapers and in the bags of ads dropped off in some neighborhoods), there's an Rx coupon to:

"Get up to a $10 Kmart Gift Card with the purchase of a NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription."

EXPIRES: 5/15/2010

In the fine print is the usual mention that to get the full $10, the total cost of the medication -- co-pay plus what the insurance plan pays -- must be $10.  If it's less than that, then the gift card given is the total amount.  For example, if it's a $5 copay and the insurer pays the remaining $3 for the $8 cost, you get an $8 gift card.

It also says ONE per customer.  But most pharmacists at most Kmart locations I've tried are fine with honoring more than one -- if not per day, at least per week ... as is the case with taking competitor coupons there.

CVS but more locations and pharmacists will now hassle you -- using any fine print in the competitor coupon as an excuse to make good on their "We accept all competitor prescription coupons" claim.  Some pharmacists and their bosses will interpret this "one per customer" as a "once ever" limit ... or at least "once per THAT particular coupon & its expiration date from THAT competitor."  

"Never?" transfer from CVS ... not forever!
Also, don't expect to be able to use coupons at CVS for refills anymore.  The "Never Need to Transfer ..." red banners are starting to disappear in some Columbus area stores.  This had been a campaign to convince people not to transfer their prescriptions to competitors to use a coupon one month and then transfer it back the next month with another coupon.  It was started about a year ago.  But you'll see some stores (like one on Henderson Road) no longer has that sign up and will no longer honor that (ask their new manager why).  But the sign is still up closer to more scrappy competitor Giant Eagle at corner of Sawmill and Bethel.  Be sure to ask before you get a refill.  If they don't honor it anymore, transfer to a competitor and let them know it's because they no longer honor it.  You might also want to ask those who still have the big red banner up but don't honor it WHY they would still advertise such a claim.

Giant Eagle will accept one per 6 months (as noted at with no hassle.  Kroger might accept ... one at most ... and as long as you haven't already redeemed more than 4 competitor coupons in your lifetime, despite signs in their stores that say "We Gladly Accept Competitor Coupons."

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