Monday, June 14, 2010

Target coupons (2 weeks in a row) but different to get $10

Sorry I forgot to post about last week's coupon in the Target sales flyers.

They were the usual ones worth a $10 gift card for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription.

The one in this week's sales flyer (and the Sunday newspaper yesterday) is one they've used at least once before.

If you sign up a prescription for AUTO REFILL, you get $10.  Not sure if you can use that on one you already have there.  Maybe.  Or you may have to transfer one or bring a new one AND get the auto refill turned on for it.

In any case, they usually will let you use a coupon on as many different prescriptions as you want.

p.s.  The other one I forgot to mention that was in last week's sales flyers was the Kmart $10 for new/transfer.  My bad.  I usually hold out for the ones worth $20 or $25. ;-)

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