Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kmart: $10 gift card for NEW prescription

For second week in a row, there's a wrap-around sheet on the weekly sales flyer at Kmart.  On the back of it is the coupon that says:
"Get up to a $10 Kmart gift card with the purchase of a NEW prescription."

It was in Sunday newspapers today.  You'll also find them at entrance to most Kmarts.

The amount you get back will be equal to your co-pay (if any) plus what your insurance company pays (if anything).  For instance, a drug you pay $5 for and the insurance company pays just $3 (for total of $8), you get a gift card for $8.

For the full $10, maybe bring them the Target coupon that was also in today's newspaper. Mentioned above.

EXPIRES: 8/21/2010

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