Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kmart: Up to $100 for 5 transfers

Sorry I didn't mention this sooner -- like last week when it first showed up in the Sunday newspaper.

The sales flyer that was in Kmart stores through Saturday had a wrap-around half sheet that on the back had a coupon for Rx transfers.

Bring up to 5 for up to a $20 gift card each.  Also, for each transfer, a $5 donation would be made to March of Dimes.

The amount you receive is $20 or the total of whatever you paid as a co-pay plus the amount your insurance paid, if anything.  For example, your co-pay is $5 and the insurance paid $7.  You get a $12 gift card for that one rather than a $20 one.   But if you pay $5 and your insurance paid $80, you get the full $20 gift card.

Although these aren't in the stores any more, check with your local friendly Kmart pharmacist.  She/he may have saved a few behind the counter or even made copies of them that they're willing to accept -- if you ask nice. ;-)

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