Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another $25 Rx coupon in Dispatch today (Page A5)

Same as coupon mentioned two days ago (below):

when you transfer
and fill a prescription
(valid through Nov. 30, 2011)

Kroger ad appears in The Columbus Dispatch today (Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011) in A section on Page A5.

This is also accepted by Giant Eagle and CVS (at least at locations in Columbus, Ohio, area).  Kroger will put this credit on your Kroger Plus Card.  Giant Eagle and CVS will provide gift card.  For more details on which pharmacies accept competitor coupons and give you the least hassle or limitations (or most hassle/limitations), see

If you have more prescriptions to transfer than you have coupons, ask the pharmacist at Kroger or Giant Eagle if they will honor this special without a separate coupon for each.  Some of their pharmacists have indicated they will do so (especially because Kroger is advertising the offer on bulletin boards and at the top right of The Dispatch on days there is no coupon included in the paper). For the rest of this year and through January, expect to see more Rx coupons and stores being more open to taking more than one a day (at least at some Kroger locations; Giant Eagle is sticking with one a day -- even of their own).

For those of you who are Express Scripts customers who were using Walgreens but won't be able to do so any more starting in January, see suggestions for finding a new Rx home (and getting some incentives to shop around) from earlier blog entry:

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