Friday, December 21, 2012

Walgreens $25 gift card for Rx transfer; expires 3/31/2013; use @ Giant Eagle, CVS, Kroger too

Walgreens has a coupon to encourage people to transfer prescriptions to them-- for $25 gift card.  Expires 3/31/2013.

Other pharmacies (CVS, Giant Eagle & Kroger) accept competitors' Rx coupons in many areas (including Columbus, OH).  See for details.

If you plan to use at Walgreens and intend to transfer more than one, ask pharmacist prior to transfer whether she/he will honor one coupon PER prescription (as competitors will) or just one per transaction, day, week, month, 6 months (previous policy at most), or worse.

Coupon is on page 20 of THIS week's ad in stores until tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 22).  It was in most Sunday newspapers on Dec. 16.

They take Express Scripts again and are bring more aggressive than usual with coupons and more flexible about taking multiple ones for multiple prescriptions.  You may need to ask for pharmacy manager to find the flexible mind that knows how badly they need to regain market share lost in fight with Express Scripts to draw line on absurdly low reimbursement rates from the ever-larger Rx plan behemoth.

Happy Rx-medicated Holidaze,

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