Saturday, March 30, 2013

Walgreens: The word "EVERY" returns in newest Rx xfer coupon

Walgreens: Rx Coupon in this week's sales flyer (in stores til close tonight) offers $25 gift card for "EVERY" prescription transfer.

The word had dropped out of previous coupon and signs promoting it had disappeared ... and one reader posted in comments that they were told they only get ONE gift card per LIFEtime.  They've ranged from EVERY prescription transfer gets to use coupon and get gift card to ONE per 6 MONTHS ... to more absurd limitations (similar to Kroger's lifetime max out after some arbitrary point).

Another place that accepts these (and all other competitors' Rx coupons) and hassles you least:

--> Giant Eagle

Those that honor these but are known to hassle or limit redemption (more than indicated by competitor):


+ Kroger

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