Monday, May 6, 2013

Kroger touts $25 in Free Groceries for Rx transfer

Kroger blitzed Columbus with big mentions of their "coupon-less" offer of $25 in Free Groceries for a prescription transferred in from competitor.

I first noticed it IN (and ON) the bag dropped each weekend near my mailbox/driveway.  One almost-full side of the bag lists the offer under smaller ad for McDonald's.

The Kroger sales flyer inside (and at stores this week) prominently mentions it. 

And on the front page of The Columbus Dispatch was an ad from Kroger about it in top right corner (where no self-respecting, decent newspaper sells ad space).

No expiration date is listed. Where the fine print is large enough to read without a microscope, it does mention that to qualify, the script had to have been filled at the previous pharmacy -- new, I think, to Kroger Rx stipulation.  Giant Eagle added it a dew months ago (if I recall correctly).  I never intentionally tried to have Rx dropped at one (without filling & picking up) and then transferring to another.  That's just rude and annoying.

Reminder:  Bring these ads to Giant Eagle and they will match the offer with $25 gift card for EACH prescription transferred to them (without the one-a-day, less-than-10-per-lifetime restrictions/hassles you'll encounter at Kroger).  Ask at CVS and they may match it too (though not as readily at many locations and with much hassle and whining -- especially at the Henderson Rd. location in Columbus).

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