Monday, September 30, 2013

Up to $30 in free/discounted fuel with each Rx transfer (expires 10/23/2013) @ Giant Eagle

This coupon is in sales flyers in Columbus area Giant Eagle stores through Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013.

Expires 10/23/2013.

Bring a coupon for each prescription you transfer and get $1 in extra FuelPerks.  That's on top of FuelPerks you earn on co-pays and all grocery purchases (20¢ per $50).

So three Rx transfers with three of these coupons can quickly add up to a FREE fill up!  You get up to 30 gallons at free/discounted price.  Doesn't max out at $1 in savings the way Kroger's points do.

And Giant Eagle is OK with you using gas cans to get the gallons that don't fit in your car.

Best Rx coupon ever!!!!! ;-)

And they don't limit how many you can bring -- per day, over transaction, per week, per month, per year ... as Kroger and some others are known to do.

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