Saturday, January 17, 2009

Giant Eagle $1 in FuelPerks (up to $30 savings) for each new/transferred prescription

Save up to $30.
Coupon is good for NEW and TRANSFERRED prescriptions.
Expires: 2/11/09

Giant Eagle's sales flyers this week (Thursday, Jan. 15 to Wednesday, Jan. 22) available in some of its Central Ohio stores contains their usual incentive to TRANSFER or bring NEW prescriptions to their pharmacy. For each coupon you redeem with prescriptions you bring them, you earn $1 in FuelPerks. So, right now, TWO prescriptions would earn you enough FuelPerks to fill up your gas tank for free. And they don't mind if you bring gas cans to get the rest of your 30 gallons of free gas. So that's about $60 you save for starters. Also, if you spent let's say $50 on those prescriptions, you also earned another 20 cents in FuelPerks just for the money you spent (like when you buy groceries). And, every time you pump a gallon of gas (even if it's free), you earn 0.1% toward your FoodPerks discounts. So, 10 gallons = 1% to use whenever you want for a big purchase. And you can let that FuelPerks build up until you get to a maximum of 25% discount. You can use this against a purchase of up to $300. Thus, there's another $60 savings.

To find whether stores near you have coupons in their weekly specials flyer, visit "Giant Eagle Rx Coupon Finder" ( From there, go to the store nearest you (listed alphabetically by location) and then click on link for "View Weekly Specials." Go to page 16. If there's a coupon at the bottom, you win! If not, try another one a little further from you. Those stores listed in a previous posting are most likely to have them this week.

Where else can you use these coupons? See previous post.

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