Friday, January 2, 2009

New year starts with new Giant Eagle coupon

Sales flyers at some locations of Giant Eagle in Central Ohio came out on Jan. 1 that have on the back page their usual coupon -- $1 in GasPerks for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription you bring to them.  That's up to $30 in free or discounted gas.  And some other pharmacies will honor this with a $30 gift card (see previous entry on this blog).

For more details see the entry below made about the coupon they had last week.  Only thing that's different about the coupon is it expires a week later -- 1/28/09.

Where can you find it?  
Well, at least the Giant Eagle in Hilliard/Dublin area -- Hayden & Cosgray -- has it.  I haven't verified which other stores have the coupon this week.  You can check stores nearest you by clicking on the "Giant Eagle Rx coupon finder" and then on that page that opens, click the "View weekly specials" link beside store closest to you. Then go to page 16 (back page) to see if there's a coupon there or just the smiling pharmacist (like the one that came to my mailbox). If no coupon, try the link beside some other locations.  

Your best bet is probably those I found last week -- listed in previous entry here.

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