Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Giant Eagle Rx coupons THIS WEEK & NEXT (up to $30; new/transferred)

Giant Eagle has in the sales flyers of a few central Ohio stores that wonderful Rx coupon we all love so much: Their usual $1 in GasPerks for each new/transferred prescription you bring them (as long as you have a coupon for each). That's up to $30 in free/discounted gas.

* "Check to see if the Giant Eagle near you (or one not too far a drive) has the coupon this week ... or in next week's that comes out on Thursday. The new one is an 8-page flyer in some locations and the coupon appears on page 9 -- what will be the wrap-around piece to become the bottom of the front page.

* "Map of Giant Eagle locations that had Rx coupons in February. At least the Steltzer Road location has them this week and in their upcoming sales flyer for March 12 to 18. The East Whittier location no longer had them this week. Haven't checked on upcoming week. Enjoy the hunt online. And then thank Giant Eagle by doing a lot of shopping for groceries and other household items while you're there.

If you already have your prescriptions at Giant Eagle, you could still make some money off these coupons. Some of their competitors take them too -- for $20 to $30 in gift cards or RxRewards.

For example:

Ask the pharmacist at Kroger for details ... and some of the other pharmacies listed at:

* "Which pharmacies accept which coupons?" [The Matrix]

* "Which pharmacies are best (and worst) about accepting Rx coupons (theirs & competitors)?"

Just make sure you transfer them back later to Giant Eagle -- as a thank you for having more Rx coupons than any other store in town ... and for some more FuelPerks when you transfer them back with a coupon from their competitor! ;-)

And for tips on maximizing your potential savings on your prescription co-pays (especially those who hold off on buying essential drugs because they can't afford them under their new, tighter budgets), check out:

* "How to play Rx Ping-Pong to maximize your Rx co-pay savings (with cautions)

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