Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Target coupon for $10 gift card (for each new/transferred Rx)

Target has an ad in this week's sales flyer (distributed with Sunday newspapers and available at the customer service counter -- at most, you have to ask for one ... and will only get ONE at a time usually).

Their pharmacies are usually glad to take as many prescriptions and transfers as you bring them and will give you a $10 gift card for each one as long as you have a COUPON for each one. Get to know your neighbors and ask them to put those aside before recycling day (oops, that's tomorrow in my neighborhood ;-).

To maximize your savings and have the most pleasant experience possible, see:

* "Which pharmacies accept which coupons?" [The Matrix]

* "Which pharmacies are best about accepting Rx coupons (theirs & competitors)?"

* "How to play Rx Ping-Pong to maximize your Rx co-pay savings (with cautions)

NOTE: Target no longer accepts competitor coupons.

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