Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giant Eagle: Up to $30 (Exp. 8/19)

In Columbus, Giant Eagle sales flyers that arrived in stores today (and mailboxes 2 days ago) again contain an Rx coupon. It's on the back page.

This one expires Aug. 19.

For each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription (you'll need a separate coupon for each), you'll earn $1 in FuelPerks that are good for at least 90 days. For each $50 you spend on Rx or groceries, you earn another 20 cents in FuelPerks.

So if you take 2 prescriptions to them with coupons and spend $100 on copays and groceries, you'll have $2.40 in FuelPerks already -- good for a FREE fillup at current $2.38ish per gallon ... Up to 30 gallons ... Gas cans permitted for what doesn't fit.

See previous posts about Giant Eagle Rx coupons for details.


Mike said...

Rumor from the pharmacy techs is that this is it for these coupons. If (and that's a BIG if) they return, expect tightened restrictions. In the last couple of flyers, there was already a hastily inserted location restriction. So a coupon intended for, say, the Columbus area could not be used in Cleveland area, thus putting the smackdown on eBay trading.

RxCoupons said...

Sorry I didn't approve your comment earlier. I just found it waiting in the queue today.

Thanks for the tip. And, yes, you were right. These coupons have grown scarce. They seem to only appear at new or remodeled stores and those nearby ... and always with the location restriction.