Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last call for Giant Eagle coupons?

The preview is now out (through email and on the http://GiantEagle.com website) of the new sales flyers for the Columbus area that arrive in mailboxes tomorrow and in stores on Thursday.

Something missing (at least at my store) is the Rx Coupon for up to $30 savings that's been in the past several issues area-wide.

So be sure to stock up on the ones in stores until Wednesday. And, if you find some at certain locations in town, please share news about them as a comment to this message.


David said...

Just stumbled on your blog, very cool, and many thanks!

We generally take the GE coupons to Kroger, as they will give the full value of the coupon ($30) in the form of Rx Rewards, loaded onto your Kroger Plus card. Otherwise, best I can get is around 20 gals if I'm filling up our Explorer, or 12 gals if I'm in the Hyundai!

Do you have any updates on ANY Rx Transfer coupons around at the moment? I have 4 Rx's that I play the transfer game every month, all are generic, and most fall within the $4 plan at most pharmacies. For that reason, the K-Mart coupon isn't great for me, although it would at least cover the cost of the Rx's, I guess!

RxCoupons said...

Hopefully, your Kroger pharmacists will continue honoring the competitor coupons without telling you that you've reached your "lifetime limit" for Rx coupons. This happened to a friend of mine. She spends a lot more money on medications than most people and several of hers are quite expensive ($300 to $500/month with $80 copays).

But she was told that she could no longer use Rx coupons at her Kroger -- those from competitors or those issued by Kroger. They say it's an "introductory" offer only.

The Target $10 coupons are probably your best bet for the meds you mention (as those are good for new and transfer ... and even if they are $4, they'll give you a $10 gift card). CVS will do so too.