Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kroger $20 Rx coupon for transfer; in BAG; expires 3/27 (use at CVS, Kmart, Giant Eagle)

In the bag that arrived on my front door step today, there's a special Kroger ad that says "Kroger Pharmacy: Your Center for Health Living" on front of the 4-page ad. On the back page is a coupon that says: "Get $20 in free groceries when you transfer your prescription to Kroger!" You need to take that coupon along with your KrogerPlus card and a prescription to transfer from a non-Kroger pharmacy to redeem.

EXPIRES: 3/27/10

LIMITATIONS: Limit (1) one per household.
Kroger also limits the number of Rx coupons that can be used at their pharmacy on a "lifetime" level in the Great Lakes region that includes Columbus, Cleveland, and Detroit. At some point, they can tell you they will no longer accept any Rx coupons from you -- those from competitors or even those they issue. This happened to a friend of mine.

But you can take these to CVS, Kmart, or Giant Eagle. They accept competitor coupons. Keep in mind that Giant Eagle currently has a one per 6 month limit on competitor coupons.

My recommendation: Get the coupon and take it to CVS. In Central Ohio, CVS will even let you use competitor coupons on refills. So you won't have to keep transferring your prescription to use coupons like this.

FINDING THIS COUPON: There are lots of "bags" out there. This one was delivered today (2/13) in the Upper Arlington area of Columbus. Sometimes these special Kroger pharmacy ads with coupons are not included in the bags in ALL zipcodes/circulation areas of town when they come out. This particular bag has "TheBagLady" at top above and logo. One side has big ad for Save a Lot (and coupon for free gallon of milk). The other side has big ad for Bargain Outlet.

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