Sunday, February 14, 2010

Target $10 gift card for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription

Target is great about taking their own coupons with no hassle and no limitation. As long as you have a separate coupon for each prescription you bring them (new or transferred), they'll gladly give you a $10 gift card.

Coupon is in their sales flyer this week that was in Sunday papers today and available at their customer service desk through Saturday.

EXPIRES: 3-1-2010

WHERE ELSE CAN YOU USE THESE? CVS, Kmart, Giant Eagle (one competitor coupon per 6 months); Kroger (1 per day until they tell you have used up your lifetime quota).


csrking said...

I tried using a competitor coupon at Kroger in Marysville, OH. They told me they do not take competitor coupons anymore. Has anyone else been able to use a competitor coupon at Kroger in the past 2 months?

RxCoupons said...

A friend of mine was told by a Kroger pharmacy that she had reached her "lifetime limit" of using Rx coupons there -- those from competitors or even those from Kroger. So she's shopping elsewhere now.

My doctor said her husband tried to use a competitor coupon in the Columbus area at a Kroger recently. But the two he presented were NEW prescriptions and the competitor coupon was for "transfer." So they wouldn't honor it. They tend to be the pickiest about the wording -- looking for any loophole to NOT honor their policy.

Marysville is definitely still part of the Great Lakes region of Kroger. And, as I understand it, all stores in that division have the same policy. You may want to call Bill Sheridan at the Kroger regional office in Westerville about why the Marysville store is no longer accepting competitor coupons. It's probably just the pharmacy manager or store manager making up her/his own rules.