Monday, March 29, 2010

Kmart: $25 for each transfer (up to $100 for 4); $10 for new prescription

Kmart's sales flyers this week in Sunday's newspaper (yesterday) and in stores all week again have TWO coupons worth up to $110 in Kmart gift cards (for bringing them a total for 5 prescriptions -- 4 transfers, and 1 new script).

Receive up to $25 for each prescription you TRANSFER to Kmart.  There are four lines on the coupon; as long as total cost is $25 or more (copay plus the amount the insurance pays), you get full $25.  If it's less, the gift card is for the amount of the total (not just your copay amount).  And, you can bring 1, 2, 3, or 4 to them.  For four, the total is $100.

If you happen to have a brand NEW prescription from doctor to turn in, you can qualify for another $10 gift card.

Expiration: 4/17.

Want to use them elsewhere?  CVS is best place to take them.  Strict limitations apply at Giant Eagle and Kroger -- see .

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