Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kmart has 2 coupons: One for up to $100 and other for $10

Both coupons are good through 3/27/2010.  These are in sales flyers in stores this week (and that were in the newspaper on Sunday).

First one gives up to $100 in Kmart gift cards for transferred prescriptions.  Value of prescription needs to be a total of $25 or more to get full $25 per prescription.

This includes co-pay and whatever the insurance pays combined.  If total is less, they'll still give you gift card for whatever the total cost was (with $5 copay and $12 paid by insurance, the total is $17 and that's what they'll give you as gift card).

The second coupon is for NEW prescription.  It's worth up to $10.  Same calculation for maximum value as just described.

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