Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kmart Rx coupon for gift card up to $10 for NEW or Transferred prescription

Kmart's sales flyers this week feature their usual $10 coupon for purchase of a NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription.

Expires Sept. 25.

Limit one certificate per customer (but ask your pharmacist; most are more flexible than the fine print implies).  If his name is Kevin, don't waste your time asking; come back when the other, nicer guy is working. ;-)

Fine print:  It's "up to $10 gift card" based on the total cost of your prescription.  If your co-pay is $5 and the insurance company pays the other $3 of the $8 total cost, then you get an $8 gift card.

But, if your co-pay is ZERO (and it's not because it's covered by any government program) and your private insurer pays the $15 cost of the drug, then you still get the $10 full gift card amount.

You can also redeem these at:
-- Giant Eagle
-- CVS
-- Kroger

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