Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kroger: $25 in free food with NEW or Transferred Rx

In the clear bag of ads just dropped on my front porch, there's a Kroger ad with Angus beef on back and Nature's Market organic pitch on front. Inside back page is coupon for $25 on NEW or TRANSFERRED prescriptions. Expires Sept. 12. One coupon per customer. Limitations may apply (like their lifetime blacklisting on Rx coupons after 3 or 4 or so ... or banning you from all their stores for life ;-).

Reminder: CVS, Kmart & Giant Eagle accept these too.

CLARIFICATION:  I discovered that the Kroger ads in the bags are different in different parts of Columbus this week.  Those in the Bethel/Henderson area are as described above.  Those in the Dublin/Worthington area are different -- they're on the back page where the Angus was and they are ONLY good for TRANSFERS (not NEW prescriptions).

Each also lists specific locations where they are accepted.

The one for NEW or TRANSFER is good at these Kroger locations: Chambers, Henderson, Crown Plaza Dr., Cemetery Road, and Hilliard Rome Road.

The one for TRANSFER only is good at these Kroger locations: 2913 Olentangy River Road, Hospital Drive, Powell Road, W. Bridge St. (Worthington), 7625 Sawmill Rd., and Hampstead Village Way.

If you find other variations of the coupon that list other stores, please add a comment (be sure to list whether it was NEW & TRANSFERRED or just Transferred Rx that are eligible as well as the stores that are listed on the coupon).

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