Tuesday, January 17, 2012

$25 incentive to transfer extended to end of January

As mentioned in previous post, Kroger continues to advertise on the top right of The Columbus Dispatch they're promotion to give you $25 in Rx Rewards for each prescription you transfer to them by Jan. 31, 2012.

For about the past month, I haven't seen any large ads in the Dispatch where they'd usually list a coupon you could clip out.  But they are listing it across the bottom of their weekly sales flyer this week again -- it's in the red starburst off to the right of the flourescent green section that says "We accept most major insurance plans, including EXPRESS SCRIPTS!"

Friends have told me that Kroger is not requiring people to bring in a coupon during this promotion.  Just mention it when you are dropping off the prescriptions to be transferred and make sure you pin them down on whether there are any restrictions/limitations -- can you transfer 4 and get $100? can you pick up all 4 on one day? or, like their written policy adopted a few years ago, do they make you pick them up one day at a time if you want to get $25 for each?

Giant Eagle will also accept these ... but with the one-a-day limit on coupons (theirs or a competitor's).  And some pharmacists may OK you mentioning the Kroger offer without bringing in the top of the Dispatch or the bottom of the Kroger flyer.

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