Sunday, January 29, 2012

$25 incentive to transfer Rx expirations leaps to Feb. 29

The expiration date of the widely advertised Rx transfer incentive has been extended from Jan. 31 to leap day -- Feb. 29, 2012.  That's according to the fine print (very small) at the top of the Kroger ad that just landed on my front porch.

In the green background, it says "We accept most major insurance plans, including EXPRESS SCRIPTS!"  And then in a red burst to the right (covered up by fold-over), it says "Transfer a prescription, get $25 FREE Groceries!*"  Then the asterisk goes to lots of small print -- the most interesting of which has to do with the new extended deadline -- the end of next month.

Reminder, as noted in previous posts, other pharmacies in the Columbus, Ohio, area are matching this offer (as long as you rip a copy of the ad off the top of a Kroger flyer ... or the top right of The Columbus Dispatch when they frequently buy that space to mention the $25 incentive).

Among those who will accept these:
-- Giant Eagle
-- CVS

If you get any grief, please let me know which location and pharmacist it was and when (date/time) by writing to  Also, if you go to Kroger and they try to tell you that you're limited to one a day or one per person or one per household or 3 per life, I'd like to hear about that as well.


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