Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kroger: Get $25 Free Groceries with Rx transfer to Jan. 31

Kroger, in its new sales flyer arriving on doorsteps this weekend in Columbus (Ohio), advertises on the bottom front page (in fold-out):

"Transfer a prescription, get $25 FREE Groceries!*
We accept competitors' pharmacy coupons.
Transfers are easy...  ask your Pharmacist for details."

Offer expires 1/31/13.
This is the sales flyer valid Monday (1/7) to Sunday (1/13).
Doesn't look like a coupon and usually you just mention the offer at pharmacy at Kroger to have them honor it.  You should probably bring it with you though and, if you have more than one Rx to transfer, ask pharmacist if they'll give you $25 Rx Rewards for each (and whether they still have one/day limit or lifetime max.).

If you take this to Giant Eagle pharmacy in Columbus, they'll likely honor (and without daily limit).  Some CVS locations will honor as well.  But the lack of dashed lines around it and a barcode makes some hassle you and say it's "not a coupon" -- this, they don't have to honor pledge to take competitor coupons (never mind that the point is to natch whatever offer a competitor is making).

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