Monday, January 14, 2013

Walgreens: $25 gift card with every Rx transfer (sales flyer, Jan. 13-18)

Again this week, Walgreens has in their sales flyer a coupon that promises a $25 gift card for EVERY prescription you transfer to them from some competitor.  It still expires 5/31/2013.  This is the sales flyer in Sunday newspapers on January 13, 2013, and in stores through Saturday, January 18, 2013.

BEWARE:  I learned today the hard way that if you transfer prescriptions to Walgreens but aren't able to pick them up within 10 days, you lose out on being able to use your Rx coupon.  According to the pharmacy manager (at the one on Kenny Rd. in Columbus, Ohio), their system won't let them honor the coupons when it's not logged in their system as a new transfer.  Even though she can see that it was transferred to them, she claims she can't override the system to make the coupon work.  So, don't come down with the flu right after you order some meds (as I did) and miss your evaporating chance to use your coupons.   If it happens, though, you don't have to put up with that nonsense.  Just do what I did -- transfer to a third pharmacy the drugs you were going to buy at Walgreens.  They apparently aren't that dedicated to winning back the tons of business they lost in their war with Express Scripts.  One of the most annoying things the pharmacy manager said to me was that the only way she could give me a gift card is to have it come out of her pharmacy's budget (as opposed to however the system-allowed gift cards hit her account).  Her pharmacy budget will be more affected by me never using Walgreens again.

REMINDER:  CVS, Giant Eagle, and Kroger accept competitor's coupons (including these from Walgreens).   Kroger just reminded people of this in a front page ad this past week on the top of The Columbus Dispatch and in their sales flyer last week.  Also, the "Who accepts competitor coupons" chart at needs to be updated (when I get a chance).  Giant Eagle now accepts an unlimited number of competitor coupons each day (rather than just one a day).  Or at least that's true in the Columbus, Ohio, market.

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