Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walgreens $25 gift card for Rx transfer by 5/31/2013

In the Walgreens sales flyer this week -- in the Sunday newspaper (March 17, 2013) and in stores (through Saturday, March 23) -- there is again a coupon that says:

"Transfer a prescription to us and receive a FREE $25 Walgreens card."

This is the first time in a while they haven't included and emphasized the word "EVERY" and they took down the sign that mentioned that in the front window of the Walgreens at Henderson/Kenny in Columbus, Ohio.  So perhaps they're back to their old ways of trying to only honor ONE prescription with a gift card.  Not sure.  If you find out, please leave details with a comment (and specify which location you went to).

These are accepted by Giant Eagle, CVS, and Kroger (in most markets).

It's on Page 12.


Nortac said...

Picked up a transfer at Walgreens with a $25 coupon today. When I was handed the gift card, I was told there was a limit of one gift card per person per lifetime. Wow!

Thomas Stone said...

Nortac: Sorry you ran into that. That was their policy for a long time (before they ran off most of their business with their battle with Express Scripts). I had hoped they'd changed their policy for good when they started publishing coupons with the "EVERY" prescription transfer shown on signs and on the coupons. I wondered if the new wording and missing sign was a sign they were back to their small thinking. I guess so. I'm done with them. But their coupons are handy to take to those who accept competitor coupons -- such as Giant Eagle, Kroger, and CVS. ;-)