Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kroger $20 in free groceries for Rx transfer to 2/07/09

Kroger has a 4-page sales flyer (that showed up in same bag on Columbus, Ohio,  doorsteps as Meijer ad/coupon mentioned in previous blog entry) that focuses on promoting items at their pharmacy and includes a coupon that says:

"Get $20.00 in FREE GROCERIES when you transfer your prescription to Kroger! Bring this offer, along with your KrogerPlus card, to your local Kroger Pharmacy to redeem. Limit (1) one per household.  Coupon is not transferable or for resale."

(I added emphasis/bolding to "transfer" because some Kroger and competitor locations/pharmacies/pharmacists are very particular about ONLY taking a transfer when it does not specifically say "new or transfer" in the wording.)

Expiration date = 2/7/09.

Effective sale prices for other items in the sales flyer are 12/28/08 to 1/10/09.  It looks like flyers that have also been included in The Columbus Dispatch on Sundays in the past although they often were only stuffed into those in certain delivery "zones" -- areas they may have higher competition or newer competition for pharmacy/grocery business ... or have lost higher market share than others.  May be worth checking your local UDF/Speedway's rack to see if it has one (if you're not a subscriber); and, if it's not there, go to one near one of the newer Giant Eagle stores (Hilliard, New Albany, etc.).  Dublin area and Bethel/Sawmill usually pretty good bet.

USE ELSEWHERE? Stores likely to accept this as a competitor coupon: Giant Eagle (limit 1); CVS; Wal-Mart, Meijer (maybe). Not going to accept: Target and Walgreen's.


Momma said...

Any chance there's an online version of this coupon?

RxCoupons said...

Sorry. I'm afraid not. And most Rx coupons I've seen state no photocopies or printed versions of ones on the web are allowed.

Even those you can view here for Giant Eagle in their online preview of the weekly sales flyer have "VOID" printed on the coupons.