Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meijer in Columbus = lame Rx coupon ($10 off $20 future health/beauty purchase)

It's almost not worth mentioning. I usually don't.  But Meijer's Pharmacy is offering a coupon of sorts in its most recent sales flyer that showed up in the bag dropped at my doorstep today.

It offers you a $10 savings on a future purchase of $20 or more at Meijers on health or beauty items.  You need to bring a new or transferred prescription to them with the coupon by its 1/31/09 expiration.

Limit one coupon per family (is part of the very small fine print).  It's on back page (at top right) of flyer that says "A Once-A-Year Party ..." on front with some ribs and sauerkraut (yuck!) and dip and beer and pop on front.

See previous postings regarding which other pharmacies may honor a competitor's coupon (and what limitations they impose).  Because of the "purchase required for redemption" -- making it more of a rebate than gift card or Rx "bonus/rewards" -- some may not accept it.  Try: Giant Eagle, CVS, Kroger, and Wal*Mart.  Don't try Walgreen's or Target (they don't accept any competitors' coupons now.)

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