Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Giant Eagle $1 in GasPerks (save up to $30) for prescription (new/transfer)

If you're looking for a coupon TODAY, some locations of Giant Eagle have them in their sales flyers available in the store.

Look at and click on "View Weekly Specials" to see if the coupon appears in the sales flyer of a store near you.

The 2/5-11 flyer has the coupon on Page 4. It expires 3/5/2009.

The 2/12-18 flyer has the coupon on the back page of the wrap-around -- Page 16. It expires 3/11/2009.

It's good for NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription.

Some locations of CVS and Kmart also accept these.

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it045 said...

Hi, After a long dryspell- Giant Eagle pharmacy coupons are back in my area! I got a bunch a couple of days ago and have listed them on Ebay item #230581863347. They are good until 2/23/2011 and are not in the current flyer!