Friday, March 13, 2009

No need to transfer with CVS: They'll accept competitor coupons to not leave them!

CVS (at least some of those in the Columbus, Ohio, area) have started the best deal I've ever seen when it comes to Rx Coupons.

When I asked Giant Eagle to transfer three of my prescriptions from CVS, I got a phone call later from CVS asking if it was to use a coupon. When I said, "Yes," they informed me that not only do they take competitor coupons when new/transferred prescriptions are brought to them but also:

That CVS will now accept any local competitor's coupon for any of the three situations:
-- NEW prescription (if that's what coupon mentions)
-- TRANSFERRING a prescription to CVS (if it's not already at CVS)
-- NOT TRANSFERRING !!!!!!! (to keep you from transferring to a competitor to redeem that coupon).

Wow!!! I couldn't believe it when they called me and said they would honor the competitor's coupon to NOT TRANSFER my business away for one month (at which time I would have transferred it back ... even if I didn't have a coupon ... just because I liked them best lately in the area of town where I now live).

Now, I'll have to update my rankings of the "Best and Worst Pharmacies to take Rx Coupons (theirs and competitors)" as well as the Rx Coupon Matrix.

It will be interesting to see if any of their competitors adjust their policies to be more competitive or as competitive.


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Anonymous said...

This is actually ILLEGAL for cvs to be doing. You can not offer incentives to refill prescriptions. it is against the law. you should report them to the state board of pharmacy. just like it is against the law to use those coupons for people using medicare even though they might have a $100 co-pay. the pharmacist or the tech who called you probably is not aware of this.