Monday, December 3, 2007

Rx Coupons: $30, Giant Eagle (some locations); valid through 12/26/2007

Columbus, Ohio:

The coupon:
Up to $30 in FREE fuel

This week (Dec. 3), Giant Eagle has coupons available at two locations (at least) for the usual $1 off the price of gas (per new/transferred prescription; plus additional GasPerks of 20 cents per $50 spent on co-pays and other Giant Eagle purchases; they are currently giving "Double GasPerks" -- 20 cents rather than just 10 cents per $50 spent (and the points don't expire for 90 days after the end of the month you earn them).

So a free tank of gas (at your leisure ... when it's on its last few drops) ... only requires about 2 prescription transfers and $250 in purchases ... or 3 new/transferred prescriptions and no certain level of grocery purchases ... at least as long as gas stays around $3/gallon.

WHERE else?
WHAT else?

Don't need any free gas? Maybe your Prius or bicycle are frugal when it comes to burning fossil fuels.

You can take these coupons to a few other places I know about to have them "matched" in one way or another:

* Kroger will give $30 in "voucher credit" or "Rx Rewards" (or perhaps a gift card if you ask nicely and say it's because you want the option to buy gas with the credit ... don't think their pumps can take the Rx Rewards recorded on your Kroger Plus Card ... and definitely don't take the paper vouchers that expire in 30 days after issued and have to be used all at once (and not more than 2 can be redeemed at once at the register without a manager's override key). Be sure to ask how long the "Rx Rewards" credit is good for ... and whether you can use it in increments like a gift card. I'm not sure about that.

The good thing is they don't seem to insist that you use a Giant Eagle coupon that mentions the store closest to THAT Kroger location. So take a "Liberty Township/Powell" only coupon or a "Hayden & Cosgray" only coupon to the Kroger closest to you and see how flexible they are about their advertised policy that says:

"We Gladly Accept All Competitors Coupons."

Others that will take these (or have in the past):

* CVS (most locations) will give a $30 gift card for this.

* Walgreen's might ... or ask for one of the $20 rebate coupons they have behind the register ... for new/transferred prescription.


* Target Pharmacy
This began Nov. 1, 2007.
(but they often issue their own $10 ones in their Sunday flyer ...
and never hassle people for using multiple ones at once)

HIDE & SEEK scoop:

Details on the locations distributing, taking the Giant Eagle Rx coupons this week; each is valid through 12/26/2007:

* Powell location -- has coupons in ITS CUSTOM wrapped weekly flyer (available at entrance and checkout near newspapers); these say they are only good at the Liberty Township / Powell location.

* Dublin location -- across from Kroger on Avery-Muirfield Drive; has coupons on back of their flyer (one with a different CUSTOM wrapper sheet) that touts "Grand Opening! Hayden & Cosgray .... 6700 Hayden Run Road). But those coupons say you can use them only at the new "Hayden & Cosgray" location. They're valid through 12/26/2007. Merry Christmas! plus a day.

Places not to waste your time looking:

* Bethel/Sawmill. That one has no coupons (for their location or the grand-opening site).

If you're looking for a deal on orange juice, sausage or oranges ;-) ... the Grand Opening specials through Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2007, offered at the new Hayden & Cosgray location are apparently also available at these other Giant Eagle locations:

* Hilliard-Rome
* Perimeter Loop
* Bethel & Sawmill (although the coupons didn't appear on theirs for Rx)
* Liberty Township (although their coupon says "Liberty Township ... Only").