Monday, November 17, 2008

Target offers $10 gift card for new/transferred prescription

Target has in their sales flyer this week a coupon (on the second to last page) a coupon that is good for a $10 gift card for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription you bring to them.

These were in the Sunday newspapers in at least these cities -- Columbus (OH), Cincinnati, and Louisville (KY). I just happened to be in all three places and could make sure the version for each of those cities included the coupon. When you look at their flyers online by zip code it leaves these out of ALL and puts generic Pharmacy ad.

Keep in mind that Target does not limit you on how many Rx coupons you can use -- in a single day, life, or otherwise. Just be sure to acquire and bring a separate coupon for each prescription you bring or transfer there.

If you already have your prescriptions at Target (or some of them), you can use this same coupon at these other stores (last I heard): Giant Eagle, CVS (with some confusion/hassle ... might say 1 per day at some locations), Wal*Mart (possibly 1 a day), Meijer (more likely 1 a day), and Kroger (though keep in mind they definitely have a 1-a-day limit in the Ohio/Michigan region with exception of Cincy/Dayton; and I've heard they've banned several people from ever using coupons again at the pharmacy for having met some arbitrary "lifetime limit").

Hope this helps you better afford your pharmacy co-pays ... and stops someone from going off a drug they just don't think they can afford to buy (even though they may not be able to afford health-wise to not buy it).