Thursday, March 17, 2011

Target: $10 gift card for NEW or Transferred Rx

In the Target sales flyer this week, there is a coupon on the inside of the back page.

It's the usual incentive to bring a NEW or transferred prescription to Target for a $10 gift card (regardless of the amount of your co-pay or even if there is none as long as it's not the government paying for the drug).

Expires: March 28.

REMINDER:  Most CVS, Giant Eagle, Rite Aid, and Kroger locations will also accept these "competitor coupons" and give you a $10 gift card or something similar.  To see which ones give you least/most hassle, go to

OHIO residents:  Remember that the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy enacted a new rule on Jan. 1, 2011, that limits your ability to transfer a prescription (any prescription) to just ONCE.  So, if you have something with 11 refills and use a NEW prescription coupon on it at Target and then a TRANSFER coupon to take it to CVS, you won't be able to move it again.  You could, however, ask your doctor to write 2 or 3 prescriptions for a single drug -- each with fewer refills.  Each script/paper could be transferred once.   Just be sure to submit them before the 6-month limit is reached and they expire earlier than they usually would (a year after written).

Kmart: Up to $100 for 5 transfers

Sorry I didn't mention this sooner -- like last week when it first showed up in the Sunday newspaper.

The sales flyer that was in Kmart stores through Saturday had a wrap-around half sheet that on the back had a coupon for Rx transfers.

Bring up to 5 for up to a $20 gift card each.  Also, for each transfer, a $5 donation would be made to March of Dimes.

The amount you receive is $20 or the total of whatever you paid as a co-pay plus the amount your insurance paid, if anything.  For example, your co-pay is $5 and the insurance paid $7.  You get a $12 gift card for that one rather than a $20 one.   But if you pay $5 and your insurance paid $80, you get the full $20 gift card.

Although these aren't in the stores any more, check with your local friendly Kmart pharmacist.  She/he may have saved a few behind the counter or even made copies of them that they're willing to accept -- if you ask nice. ;-)