Monday, December 22, 2014

Coupon-less Rx savings @ Kroger (that Giant Eagle may match)

Kroger in central Ohio is offering $1 off the price of gas (per gallon; up to 30 gallons) for transferring a prescription from a competitor.

This is mentioned on a postcard with coupons mailed out to customers. The Rx offer requires no coupon. Just mention it at the pharmacy. They do limit you to one per day and may impose other limits beyond those listed in fine print.

Offer goes at least through Jan. 10, 2015.  It's been listed on similar mailings at least monthly for several months now.

Ask your Giant Eagle Pharmacy if they will match this coupon-less offer of Kroger. Some will.
and they won't limit you to one Rx coupon redemption per day -- or a limit of $1 off cost per gallon of gas (FuelPerks now easily/quickly add up to. FREE fill up ... co-pays and groceries and all other purchases including gift cards earn 20 cents off per $50 spent).

*** UPDATE [Dec. 28] ***
Mention of this offer was also printed in the Kroger sales flyer distributed in "The Bag" hung on mailboxes or tossed on driveways/porches on Sunday (Dec. 28). These may be easier to find if you want to take it to a competitor that accepts competitor coupons (like Giant Eagle or CVS do).
Make sure you read all the fine print in third photo. Kroger seems to be trying to set a new record on how many exclusions they add to their offers. Controlled substances are now banned from the offer. Ask the pharmacist for the full one-page policy they developed after the Better Business Bureau investigated their deceptive advertising on their "Gladly Accept Competitor Coupons" policy/claim.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thankful for FREE gas from Giant Eagle (Rx coupons good until Thanksgiving)

The Rx coupons that continue to appear in many sales flyers at Giant Eagle stores in the Columbus/Hilliard/Grandview areas (Ohio) are now good through Thanksgiving.

Although the coupons sometimes don't appear in store closest to me (Powell), they show up in my mailbox (Worthington/Dublin area) ... and are probably definitely at/near newest stores in Grandview and Hilliard.

Works usual way: For each prescription you transfer from a competitor (as long as it was filled there at least once), and as long as you have a coupon for each, and you're paying ca$h or using "regular" insurance not government-sponsored/subsidized (Medicare, Medicaid, or Healthcare Exchange marketplace --, you get:

$1 in discount off gas (per gallon) up to 30 gallons

These FuelPerks can add up to full price of gas so you get FREE FILL UP!  Mille Kroger where you max out at $1 per gallon savings (occasionally having 2x special).

Also, these savings add up and don't expire until 60'dqys after end of the current month.  That too is much better than Kroger.

This arrived in mailboxes in my area today (Oct. 15) and last week -- both with Nov. 26, 2014 expiration (Thanksgiving Eve).

These will be in some stores (probably all Market District locations ... and other newly-opened stores such as Hilliard) through next W dens day.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Giant Eagle: Up to $30 in FREE gas for EACH Rx transfer to 9/30/2014

Giant Eagle has brought back their Rx coupon in the sales flyers that arrived in Columbus, Ohio, area stores on Thursday (Aug. 7,2014).

"Earn up to $30 in FREE FUEL on a transferred prescription," it says. Doesn't expire until September 30, 2014.

* No limit on how many prescriptions you can transfer from competitors and use a separate coupon on. No one-a-day limit any more. They even let you use these on generics they sell at $4. The FREE. Meds are excluded, of course, as are Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance plans.

If you don't have a coupon, ask them to match the no-coupon-required $1 off gas deal Kroger a pharmacy is offering through 8/23/2014.

Other ways to save @ Giant Eagle featured below (including FREE blod pressure medicine such as Lisinopril and Lisinopril HCTZ):

Kroger: $1 off per gallon of gas for prescription transfer

No coupon needed.

Kroger in Columbus,,Ohio, is promoting via postcard mailer this week that they are again offering a $1 discount per gallon of gas for a prescription transfer. 

Expires Aug. 23, 20014. Bunch of fine print so small I can't read it with just glasses. Larger fine print says: "Restrictions may apply. See Pharmacy for details."  That may mean limit one per transaction, day, week, month, year, customer (with lifetime limit reached at some point).

You can also bring a coupon from the Giant Eagle sales flyer for $1 off gas as Kroger still claims, "We Accept Competitor Coupons." (they did remove the word "Gladly" from that claim. ;-)

Fine print (zoomed larger on iPad) mentions "Offer cannot be used with other pharmacy discount programs." This likely means generics offered at $4 for 30 days and $10 for 90 days (even without insurance) are NOT eligible to use this $1 off gas. Giant Eagle does NOT exclude their $4 or $10 drugs from receiving $1 discount on transferred prescriptions.

Also, remember that Giant a eagle lets you add up FuelPerks to a FREE fill-up ... not just a max of $1 off as Kroger does most of the year (or $2 when they occasionally let you get up to 2x that limit).

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Giant Eagle: $120 in free gas for 4 transfers

Giant Eagle has coupons all over Columbus, Ohio, this week.

In The Columbus Dispatch on Sunday (3/9/2014) there was a slick (with manufacturer coupons) that had four coupons -- each worth up to $30 in free/discounted gas at GetGo for most prescriptions transferred to Giant Eagle.

The sales flyer this week in stores until Wednesday (3/19/2014) also has a coupon for the same offer. 

One expires 4/9 (the sales flyer) and the other on 4/20.

Kroger may honor these ... point to the sign there that says, "We Accept Competitor Coupons." Used to have the word "Gladly" ;-) ... and there are arbitrary lifetime limits that apply there.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Giant Eagle: Up to $120 in free gas for Rx transfers

Giant Eagle brought back their 4 coupons at a time special to point out you can earn a free fill up for 4 prescription transfers (up to $120 value; based on 30 gallons at $4 off/gallon; they're OK with you putting into gas cans what doesn't fit in your talk).

The ones in sales flyers in Columbus, Ohio, through Wednesday (Feb. 5) expire March 12, 2014.

No problem using 4 or more (with 4 or more prescriptions) at a time ... unlike at Kroger.

Seen previous post about Kroger's $1 gas discount for Rx transfer offer -- and how $1 discount is max you can earn there.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Kroger gives $1 in free gas for Rx transfer

Kroger in Columbus is offering $1 off gas if you transfer a prescription to them.

This was mentioned in ad on from page of The Columbus Dispatch several times recently and in their sales flyer.

Keep in mind they usually only allow you to redeem one offer at pharmacy per day.

Also, unlike Giant Eagle, gas discounts max out @ $1 off per gallon no matter how many groceries & prescriptions you buy.

Giant Eagle lets you have an unlimited amount of FuelPerks -- allowing you to get a free fill up

Also your discount lasts twice as long -- lasting 60 days from end of month vs. just 30 (at Kroger).

Giant Eagle accepts the Kroger offers (bring in the Kroger ad from paper or sales flyer).  They also have had their own coupons (2 or 4 at a time usually) in their dales flyer lately.  They're glad to let you redeem 4 (or more) with 4 (or more) prescription transfers from competitors.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Start 2014 with $120 in free gas (with 4 Rx transfers to Giant Eagle)

Giant Eagle helps you start 2014 the right way -- with $30 in free gas for each prescription you transfer.

This week's sales flyer (that arrived in stores today, Jan. 2, in the Columbus, OH, area) has not one but FOUR coupons worth $1 in FuelPerks for each prescription you transfer to Giant Eagle pharmacy.  They don't expire until 2/14/2014 (Valentine's Day).

What a sweet deal, eh?!

Of pharmacies in the area that accept competitor Rx coupons, Giant Eagle gives you the least hassle -- no limits per day/year/life ... or other arbitrary exclusions and grief (as you'll often find at CVS and Kroger).

Show 'em some love for having the best Rx coupons (and Rx coupon policy) and take your prescriptions there.  You'll love having a free FILL UP after just 3 or four transfers.  Your co-pays and other purchases also earn FuelPerks discounts -- 20¢ per $50 spent.