Sunday, June 14, 2009

Updated matrix of which pharmacies accept competitor coupons

Lots of things have changed since I last updated the matrix of which central Ohio pharmacies accept competitor coupons.

You can find the new version here:

Giant Eagle
takes all competitor coupons with NO LIMITATIONS again.

CVS takes all competitor coupons. And they will take them not only when you bring them a new or transferred prescription (or whatever it says on the coupon). They want to keep you there. So they'll accept these coupons for refills too so you won't be as likely to transfer away the month after arriving.

However, CVS does have some LIMITATIONS and RESTRICTION (at least that what was introduced recently at the CVS nearest my home):

* Walgreen's coupons are only accepted every 6 months (or once per transaction -- one per day; depending on pharmacist you ask) based on the "One Per Customer" wording on coupon and the fact that Walgreen's only accepts these every 6 months. Kind of makes sense -- why should they have to take them more often than the competitor that printed them? However, Giant Eagle will take as many of these as I bring them. Thus, I've canceled the auto refills I had started at CVS when they started this program and transferred most of my prescriptions to Giant Eagle to use my Walgreen's coupons for gift cards at Giant Eagle.

* Another limitation is they give $20 gift cards at CVS for the Giant Eagle Rx coupons worth up to $30 when you use them at Giant Eagle or take them to Kroger. Their rationale is that most people can't fit more than 20 gallons in their car. One pharmacist offered to honor more than $20 even the full $30 if I could bring in a receipt for gas that showed I'd filled up with 20 to 30 gallons of gas.

Kmart $10 gift card; expires July 3; new/transferred Rx

Kmart sales flyers that were in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper on Sunday contained a coupon on page 25 for a $10 gift card with a new or transferred prescription. In some stores, you may find stacks of these flyers. Other stores accept them: Giant Eagle, CVS, Kroger.

One certificate per customer (although some pharmacists at Kmart will allow more than one per week).

Expires July 3.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Giant Eagle $30 value for new/transfer; expires July 8

Several Columbus area locations of Giant Eagle have the $1 off per gallon of fuel (FuelPerks) coupon in their sales flyer this week ... available through Wednesday. But last week some locations ran out so grab 'em now. You qualify for up to $30 in savings with each new/transferred prescription you bring them with one of these coupons.

This week's coupon expires July 8, 2009.

I verified in person they are available at the Giant Eagle closest to where I live -- the "Upper Arlington" location (at Sawmill and Bethel). If they're out at the door, ask at service counter.

You can look at to find location(s) closest to you and click on "View Weekly Specials" and then flip to page 16 to see if there's a coupon showing. Recently, I've noticed some discrepancies between whether the coupon shows online and whether it was on flyer in store. Sorry about that.

Also, keep in mind that other pharmacies will accept these: CVS will give you about $20 gift card (not good for pharmacy co-pays), Kroger will give you $30 Rx Rewards (at least a few times; I've heard they ban some people from redeeming pharmacy coupons there after some limit ... if not ban you from their store completely).

There's a matrix/table of who takes what (and who has certain limitations and hassles) when it comes to taking competitor coupons. I need to update a few things on that chart:

* Giant Eagle no longer has limitations (at least in Central Ohio) on number of a certain competitor's coupon they take. They used to limit it to ONE per coupon apperance (for example if Target had one expiring in June and another expiring in August, you could use one of each or two total during that time but need to wait for one expiring later than August to use a third). Thankfully, they got rid of that policy a few months ago. But it was the same time that CVS started honoring coupons of competitors every month (no transfer necessary; they wanted to keep you there). However, at least some locations have gotten more selective about HOW MANY of certain competitor's coupons they will take in a given time period ...

* CVS (at least certain locations in Central Ohio where the "No need to transfer to use a competitor's coupon here; just get a refill and use it" -- my wording) recently began to LIMIT some coupon acceptance. Walgreen's coupons (because Walgreen's will only honor 1 of their own every 6 months) are now only accepted by CVS once every 6 months ... or ONE per transaction ... or ONE per whatever ... depending on which of their pharmacists/managers/locations you check with. Too confusing/annoying for me: So I just take my Walgreen's coupons to Giant Eagle now. And instead of getting refills at CVS every month as I had been for several months (no Rx Ping Pong required), I've transferred most of my Rx to their competitors now. Besides, there's only so much merchandise at CVS I want/need to buy with gift cards when they insist on not allowing the gift cards to be used for co-pays (as they sometimes do).

Here's what the back page of sales flyers with the coupon look like this week:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giant Eagle up to $30 in free gas; expires 7/1/09

Some locations of Giant Eagle in the Columbus area have a coupon on the back page of their sales flyer this week (available in stores through next Wednesday) that is redeemable for up to $30 in free gas.

For each new/transferred prescription you bring them with one of these coupons, you earn $1 in FuelPerks. You also earn FuelPerks on the copays and groceries you buy (20 cents per $50). And when you get your free gas, you earn FoodPerks -- every 10 gallons is worth 1% off groceries (up to 20% off $300 or $60 in grocery savings).

How cool is that? ;-)

To check the sales flyer of stores near you, click "View Weekly Specials" link beside the stores in your area on this page:

Other stores accept these coupons too: CVS, Kroger

Giant Eagle does not impose any limit of how many you can use per day, per week, per month, per life, etc.