Monday, October 13, 2014

Thankful for FREE gas from Giant Eagle (Rx coupons good until Thanksgiving)

The Rx coupons that continue to appear in many sales flyers at Giant Eagle stores in the Columbus/Hilliard/Grandview areas (Ohio) are now good through Thanksgiving.

Although the coupons sometimes don't appear in store closest to me (Powell), they show up in my mailbox (Worthington/Dublin area) ... and are probably definitely at/near newest stores in Grandview and Hilliard.

Works usual way: For each prescription you transfer from a competitor (as long as it was filled there at least once), and as long as you have a coupon for each, and you're paying ca$h or using "regular" insurance not government-sponsored/subsidized (Medicare, Medicaid, or Healthcare Exchange marketplace --, you get:

$1 in discount off gas (per gallon) up to 30 gallons

These FuelPerks can add up to full price of gas so you get FREE FILL UP!  Mille Kroger where you max out at $1 per gallon savings (occasionally having 2x special).

Also, these savings add up and don't expire until 60'dqys after end of the current month.  That too is much better than Kroger.

This arrived in mailboxes in my area today (Oct. 15) and last week -- both with Nov. 26, 2014 expiration (Thanksgiving Eve).

These will be in some stores (probably all Market District locations ... and other newly-opened stores such as Hilliard) through next W dens day.