Saturday, February 6, 2016

When you can't find Rx coupons, eBay is an option

Lately, I haven't seen many Rx coupons in the Columbus area. They're mostly just appearing in these places:

* Certain Giant Eagle locations or Kroger locations where they've remodeled and are trying to bring in more customers. That usually just lasts a few weeks. Even if you don't live near the new store, you might live close enough to get a sales flyer in the mail that promotes the new store -- especially if that new location became expanded into a "Market District" or "Marketplace."

* Meijer. They mostly print out as custom coupons at checkout. (But I hate shopping there ... almost as much as I dislike WalMart -- very few deals are worth waiting 10 minutes at the checkout).

* Kmart. Not one near me. Not a fan anyhow.

However, you can get some of these coupons and take them to a pharmacy that says they accept competitor coupons. Make sure that you're not buying a coupon of a Kmart if it's too far away to be considered by your local grocery pharmacy or CVS to be a "competitor."

You don't have to hunt these coupons down by going to a Meijer or Kmart. Thank goodness. ;-)

You can get them conveniently by searching on eBay. Usually they are over-priced but sometimes you can get a deal. An example:
Rx/prescription coupons search on eBay

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Transfer prescription to Kroger to get $1 off per gallon (no coupon needed; exp. April 18, 2015)

At Kroger pharmacies in Ohio (or at least in the Columbus and Cincinnati metro areas), you can save at the pump by transferring a prescription from a competitor. No Rx coupon is necessary. Just mention you saw an ad for $1 per gallon in fuel savings for transferring a prescription.

The ad was recently on the front page of some newspapers -- The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Kentucky Enquirer. And the Rx transfer incentive was also featured on a postcard mailed out to some areas of Columbus, Ohio. On that one, it show an expiration of April 18, 2015. It says in fine print it's accepted at locations "throughout central Ohio."

Mention this at Giant Eagle pharmacy and they will likely match the offer. Also Giant Eagle will likely not restrict you to ONE per day (... or worse ... as Kroger usually does). However, the wording on the front page of the Enquirer says the 1,000 points are earned for "each prescription transferred..." Before you transfer more than one to them, ask if there's a limit -- per day, per week, per offer, per lifetime. 

POSTCARD in Columbus, Ohio:

Fine print (and expiration date):

NEWSPAPERS in Greater Cincinnati area:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Coupon: $25 gift card @ Giant Eagle for Rx transfer; expires April 4,2015

Sales flyers arrive in the Powell, Ohio, location of Giant Eagle on Thursday (March 5, 2015) with an Rx coupon on the front that offers a $25 gift card. All you have to do is transfer a prescription from one of their competitors and present the coupon. They even reward you for those that are generics they sell for just $4. That seems too good to be true. :)

And they don't limit how many prescriptions you transfer to them and use a coupon on ... or how many you pick up in one day/transaction with coupons. As I mention at, they are without a doubt the BEST PLACE in Columbus, Ohio, to deal with on Rx coupons -- theirs and competitors. They're great about matching any offer by Kroger, Meijer, CVS, Target, etc.

Plus, their pharmacists and staff are much more friendly.

This coupon expires April 4, 2015.

Need to transfer back to Kroger or somewhere this month?
Kroger claims they will accept competitor coupons. You could take one of these there to see if the sign above the pharmacist is true. But they will likely limit you to ONE per day and other limitations/hurdles Giant Eagle will not put you through.

Transfer Rx to Kroger: Save $1 per gallon (up to $35 value)

Kroger's coupon-less Rx transfer incentive has shown up in Columbus, Ohio, again. This time it expires March 21, 2015.

Remember: Most locations will limit you to ONE per day. Ask your pharmacist for a copy of their prescription coupon policy (especially in regard to their claim of "We Gladly Accept Competitors Coupons"). It's a page long and subject to additional limitations and restrictions and whatever the pharmacist makes up on her/his own.

Refer to the mailing they sent out by postcard as shown below that had coupons attached.

Giant Eagle will likely match/beat this offer if you bring it up ... and allow you to use it for multiple Rx transfers (even their $4 generics) picked up at once. And the FuelPerks don't max out at $1 per gallon. You can get free fill-up @ Giant Eagle. Also the FuelPerks don't expire the next month like Kroger. You get until the end of the month TWO MONTHS AFTER the month in which you earn them.  So, FuelPerks earned today (March 3) would be good until the end of May. And, of course, your co-pays and other purchases count toward more FuelPerks at rate of 20 cents per $50 spent.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

&25 gift card for every Rx you transfer to Giant Eagle pharmacy with coupon (expires 2/29/2015)

Sales flyers that will arrive in the Powell location of Giant Eagle on Thursday (Jan. 29, 2015) will have on the front page something new -- an Rx coupon for a $25 gift card. They had been offering $1 in FuelPerks on their Rx coupons.

They don't impose a limit on daily purchases with Rx coupons so if you transfer 4 prescriptions and take them 4 of these coupons, you'll have $100 to spend on free groceries and other items with the gift cards.

It shows an expiration date of "2/29/2015" but perhaps they meant 2/29 or 3/1. On my 2915 calendar, there is no Leap Day. ;-)

Most CVS and Kroger locations in Columbus area will match this offer you take these coupons to them.  But Kroger has limits -- one per day and some "lifetime limit." CVS will sometimes give you grief despite saying they accept competitor coupons. See for details.

These should be in the store (at least the Powell location) through Wednesday, Feb. 4.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FREE FILL UP of gas with 2 Rx transfers to Giant Eagle with 2 of these prescription coupons

Sales flyers that will appear Thursday (Jan. 22., 2015) in the Powell location of Giant Eagle (and perhaps others nearby) has an Rx coupon on the front that is worth up to $30 in fuel savings.

There's no daily limit. You can transfer 4 prescriptions with 4 of these coupons and get TWO free fill-ups. And just two right now should cover one fill-up.

Your co-pays and grocery and gift card purchases earn FuelPerks too -- 20 cents per $50 spent.

Best of all your FuelPerks don't expire until two months later (plus what's left of the current month). And there's no "Up to $1 off" per gallon limit as Kroger imposes. If you have enough FuelPerks to cover the cost per gallon, your fill-up is FREE. Plus you can get up tat 30 gallons. If it doesn't fit in your gas tank, you can put the rest in gas cans. They're cool with that. Just be careful.

These sales flyers should be in stores until next Wednesday.

The coupon expires Feb. 18, 2015.

Kroger extends coupon-less $1 off gas deal for Rx transfer

In Kroger sales flyers this week, they included mention of the $1 off the price of gas for transferring a prescription from a competitor. Not sure how much longer they'll honor this promotion as there's no expiration date listed. At the end of the long and very small fine print, it just says "Limited time only."

Keep in mind that $1 off gas is the maximum savings at Kroger usually (and 35 gallons is the limit when you redeem the discount). Details below:

This is unlike Giant Eagle where your FuelPerks have no "Max out" and you can get a free fill up (and more -- up to 30 gallons total per redemption; what doesn't fit in your tank, you can put I nto gas cans ... if your car's tank is as small as mine). ;-) They're cool with that. Even the BMW SUVs up in Powell aren't too proud to fill 3 or 4 gas cans while getting free gas.

You can take the ad for this offer to a Giant Eagle pharmacy and have them match it. They make let you use more than one per day as well (the Kroger limit -- for their own Rx coupons and those of competitors).

These sales flyers should be in Kroger locations (at least many in northwest Columbus area) through Tuesday (Jan. 27, 2015).

As it says, "See Pharmacy for details." It's probably best to ask before transferring one whether the promotion has expired and what limits there are -- one per day ... one per month ... have you hit your lifetime Rx coupon limit Keoger imposes on some people?