Saturday, January 17, 2009

Giant Eagle $1 in FuelPerks (up to $30 savings) for each new/transferred prescription

Save up to $30.
Coupon is good for NEW and TRANSFERRED prescriptions.
Expires: 2/11/09

Giant Eagle's sales flyers this week (Thursday, Jan. 15 to Wednesday, Jan. 22) available in some of its Central Ohio stores contains their usual incentive to TRANSFER or bring NEW prescriptions to their pharmacy. For each coupon you redeem with prescriptions you bring them, you earn $1 in FuelPerks. So, right now, TWO prescriptions would earn you enough FuelPerks to fill up your gas tank for free. And they don't mind if you bring gas cans to get the rest of your 30 gallons of free gas. So that's about $60 you save for starters. Also, if you spent let's say $50 on those prescriptions, you also earned another 20 cents in FuelPerks just for the money you spent (like when you buy groceries). And, every time you pump a gallon of gas (even if it's free), you earn 0.1% toward your FoodPerks discounts. So, 10 gallons = 1% to use whenever you want for a big purchase. And you can let that FuelPerks build up until you get to a maximum of 25% discount. You can use this against a purchase of up to $300. Thus, there's another $60 savings.

To find whether stores near you have coupons in their weekly specials flyer, visit "Giant Eagle Rx Coupon Finder" ( From there, go to the store nearest you (listed alphabetically by location) and then click on link for "View Weekly Specials." Go to page 16. If there's a coupon at the bottom, you win! If not, try another one a little further from you. Those stores listed in a previous posting are most likely to have them this week.

Where else can you use these coupons? See previous post.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kmart: $30 gift card for 2 new/transferred prescriptions

Kmart has in their sales flyer this week (available when you walk in the door) a wrap-around half-sheet ad for their pharmacy that boasts on the front a coupon/certificate good for a free $30 gift card with the purchase of 2 new or transferred prescriptions.

Valid only 1/11/09 to 1/17/09 (what? come on, Kmart, it's hard enough for most people to have ONE prescription that might be ready to transfer or renew this week ... but TWO? at least set an expiration that's 15 days later ... as Target does ... or 3 or 4 weeks away as Giant Eagle usually does).

Limitations: It says on the certificate "ONE CERTIFICATE PER CUSTOMER." But your local Kmart pharmacist might let you use a second one if you have 4 prescriptions ready to move her/his way. Just ask. And don't try to use them both the same day.

Target: $10 gift card with new, transferred prescription

Target has one of their usual coupons that offers a $10 gift card for any NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription you bring them. They have no limits on # you can redeem (even all at the same time ... same day ... same visit). Just make sure you have a coupon for each prescription you bring them.

Expires: 1/26/09

Which other pharmacies accept these? See previous posting.

And their prescription bottles & labels are very cleverly designed.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Giant Eagle coupon worth up to $30 (accepted by Wal-Mart & CVS)

Giant Eagle has again included a coupon for $1 in FuelPerks for each new/transferred prescription you bring them (as long as you bring a separate coupon for each). See previous postings for some other restrictions at some other locations.

Value = Up to $30.
Expires Feb. 4, 2009

Which of the 20+ Central Ohio Giant Eagle locations have these coupons in their sales flyer this week? At least the one on Whittier. Use the "Giant Eagle Coupon finder" -- -- to click on "View weekly specials" link at store closest to you to see if Page 12 (back page) has the coupon or just a smiling pharmacist. Then click on others further from you until you find one. They are typically at entrance to store (though Hilliard one keeps the coupons behind the service counter usually).


WAL-MART. I found out that Wal-Mart (at least one on Bethel near Sawmill) accepts these and you can use mutliple ones in one visit (as long as the coupon doesn't say anything about "one per visit/transaction" as Walgreen's coupons do. One thing Wal-Mart does, though, with competitor coupons is only give a gift card UP TO the amount you pay as a co-pay. Thus, a $30 coupon for a drug that you pay $18.50 co-pay only gets you gift card of $18.50. But if you have a $60 co-pay (or any amount at or above $30), you get the full $30 gift card. I was pleasantly surprised with how courteous and prompt their service was at Wal-Mart -- a pharmacy I hadn't used until just recently.

CVS. At least some of the ones I've tried will take them. One said they only give $20 for this particular one because most cars only hold 20 gallons or less. But if I brought in a receipt for buying 30 gallons of gas in one transaction, he'd give me the full $30.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New year starts with new Giant Eagle coupon

Sales flyers at some locations of Giant Eagle in Central Ohio came out on Jan. 1 that have on the back page their usual coupon -- $1 in GasPerks for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription you bring to them.  That's up to $30 in free or discounted gas.  And some other pharmacies will honor this with a $30 gift card (see previous entry on this blog).

For more details see the entry below made about the coupon they had last week.  Only thing that's different about the coupon is it expires a week later -- 1/28/09.

Where can you find it?  
Well, at least the Giant Eagle in Hilliard/Dublin area -- Hayden & Cosgray -- has it.  I haven't verified which other stores have the coupon this week.  You can check stores nearest you by clicking on the "Giant Eagle Rx coupon finder" and then on that page that opens, click the "View weekly specials" link beside store closest to you. Then go to page 16 (back page) to see if there's a coupon there or just the smiling pharmacist (like the one that came to my mailbox). If no coupon, try the link beside some other locations.  

Your best bet is probably those I found last week -- listed in previous entry here.