Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kmart: Up to $110 in gift cards -- Up to $20 gift card for each TRANSFER (up to 5 prescriptions; one coupon for all 5); $10 gift card with NEW prescription

In this week's Kmart sales flyer (in the ad bag that arrived today on my door step and in the Columbus Dispatch and available near the Customer Service counter when you enter Kmart), there are two great coupons to help you save on Rx purchases:

-- Get up to $20 on each TRANSFERRED prescription (up to 5 for a total of $100).  If the total cost of your prescription (your co-pay plus the amount your insurance pays) is less than $20, then they give you a gift card equal to that total amount you would have paid if you had to pay cash (had no insurance).  Expires April 30.

-- Get a $10 gift card with the purchase of a NEW prescription.  Expires May 7.

Who else accepts these?
--> CVS, Giant Eagle (limit one per day; even on the coupon that says "up to 5"); Kroger (limit 2 to 3 per lifetime ... or whenever they decide to blacklist you); Meijer might take competitive coupons (not sure because the service I got there 4 years ago was so bad I never went back).

Details: See the competitor coupon acceptance matrix at

Coupon is on the back of the sales flyer's half-sheet wrap-around.