Thursday, December 19, 2013

Xmas present from Giant Eagle = Free/reduced gas for Rx transfer

This coupon is good through Jan. 15 of the New Year!

Save up to $30 on gas for each coupon and Rx transfer you bring to Giant Eagle.  The $1 in FuelPerks plus 20¢ per $50 in co-pays/groceries/gift-xard purchases adds up quickly to a free fill-up (unlike Kroger where you max out at $1 gas discount).  Also, you get 60 days after the end of the month in which you earn them to use your FuelPerks!

This coupon appears to be in all sale flyers now in stores in Columbus, Ohio, area -- today through Christmas.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

NEW or Transferred Rx = $30 in free/discounted fuel

As Giant Eagle premiered last week (for the first time in years locally), this week's sales flyer contains another awesome Rx coupon.

Not only can you get $1 in extra FurlPerks for prescriptions you transfer in but also for NEW prescriptions (even if you've filled them there before).  You also get 20¢ in FuelPerks for each $50 you spend on co-pays or over-the-counter drugs or any other groceries ... and most gift cards purchases.

So if you bring in 2 new prescriptions plus 1 transfered prescription and spend $100 (copays, groceries, etc.), you've already earned $3.40 in discounts on gas at GetGo -- enough for a FREE fill up! And they're cool with you bringing gas cans to take whatever doesn't fit in your tank of the 30 gallon limit.

Expires 11/13/2013.

It's in stores today through Wednesday, Oct. 23.  May only be in some stores  ... or one ...  in Columbus, Ohio, area.  I'm in Worthington/Dublin area of northwest Columbus and it came to me in the mail.  May just be going to stores/zip codes close to new Market District in Dublin. Coupon is on back of wraparound customized with Dublin pitch on cover.  So these nay be hard to find elsewhere.  If you go to Dublin store, the flyers are in a barrel in between the first and second set of doors.  Easy in and out.  Stop at new GetGo on corner out front  to try their awesome on-demand subs! They beat Subway and many delis.

Doesn't say on coupon anything about it only being valid at certain locations. That'd probably annoy current customers shopping elsewhere nearby like Powell and Upper Arlington locations.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Best Rx coupon gets even better!

Not only can you save $30 on gas with each TRANSFERRED prescription but also with each NEW one with the coupon that's in this week's sales flyer at Giant Eagle in Columbus, Ohio.

It will be in stores until the end of the day today (Oct. 16).  It expires 11/6/2013.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Up to $30 in free/discounted fuel with each Rx transfer (expires 10/23/2013) @ Giant Eagle

This coupon is in sales flyers in Columbus area Giant Eagle stores through Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013.

Expires 10/23/2013.

Bring a coupon for each prescription you transfer and get $1 in extra FuelPerks.  That's on top of FuelPerks you earn on co-pays and all grocery purchases (20¢ per $50).

So three Rx transfers with three of these coupons can quickly add up to a FREE fill up!  You get up to 30 gallons at free/discounted price.  Doesn't max out at $1 in savings the way Kroger's points do.

And Giant Eagle is OK with you using gas cans to get the gallons that don't fit in your car.

Best Rx coupon ever!!!!! ;-)

And they don't limit how many you can bring -- per day, over transaction, per week, per month, per year ... as Kroger and some others are known to do.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Giant Eagle Rx coupon worth up to $30 in FREE/Discounted Fuel (expires Oct. 9)

Giant Eagle has another Rx coupon in their sales flyer this week (in stores through Wednesday, Sept. 18).

For each coupon and transferred prescription you bring them from a competitor, they give you an extra $1.00 in FuelPerks.  That's up to a $30 in savings in FREE or Discounted fuel.  You still receive 20 cents of FuelPerks per $50 in co-pays you spend at pharmacy as well ... plus any groceries you buy.  This applies to most retail gift card purchases too.

It appears these are in most, if not all, of the sales flyers for Giant Eagle and Giant Eagle Market District stores in the Columbus, Ohio, area. 

Expiration date is Oct. 9, 2013.

Some CVS stores will also honor these with $25 gift card.

Supposedly, Kroger will honor these as well with limitation -- one per day/week/month/year ... whatever that pharmacy's manager has decided is her/his policy.  They also sometimes set a lifetime limit on customers when it comes to whether they will extend their "We Gladly Accept Competitors Coupons" policy  at their pharmacy.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Up to $30 FREE/Discounted Fuel @ Giant Eagle (Exp. 9/25/2013)

Appearing in sales flyers at Giant Eagle stores in Columbus, Ohio, area beginning tomorrow (Thursday, 8/29) through next Wednesday. 

Expires 9/25/2013. 

For each prescription you transfer to Giant Eagle, take them one of these and earn extra $1 in FuelPerks.  That's a free fill up of 30 gallons fast.  You also earn 20¢ per $50 you spend on co-pays and groceries.

See fine print below.  No daily or "lifetime" limits (as Kroger imposes).  See Better Business Bureau complaints for details.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

$30 in Free/discounted fuel @ Giant Eagle

Two reasons to celebrate in Columbus:

-- A second Giant Eagle Market District just opened (in Dublin).

-- Weekly sales flyers [that arrived by mail today (8/13/2013) promoting it] includes their awesome Rx coupon for $1 in extra FuelPerks for a transferred prescription.

That's on top of the 20¢ in FuelPerks you earn for each $50 you spend on co-pays or groceries.

Expired 9/11/2013.  They should be in stores (at least in northwest part of Columbus/Franklin County) starting Thursday (8/15) ... through next Wednesday (8/21).

They no longer limit you to ONE coupon per day -- theirs or a competitors.

They're my favorite Columbus pharmacy.  CVS second sometimes (depending on location/pharmacist/competitor-coupon-policy due jour). Kroger last because they limit you to one a day usually and have an arbitrary point where they say you hit a lifetime limit .

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Giant Eagle coupon for free/reduced fuel (up to $30) is back!

The best incentive in town to transfer prescriptions (and with no hassle or limits) appears in the newest Giant Eagle sales flyer.  It will be in stores (most in Columbus, OH, area at least) this week.

Some CVS locations will match this but only give you gift card worth $25 (which buys you about $10 worth of stuff at grocery store prices ;-).

You should be able to transfer as many Rx to them as you want ... as long as you have a coupon for each ... and pick them all up in one transaction in one day and redeem $1 in FuelPerks for each (that qualifies; free Rx don't, of course) ... PLUS 20¢ in additional FuelPerks for each $50 spent on co-pays, over-the-counter medicine, and other groceries.

Expires 8/15/2013.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get $30 in free/discounted FUEL with TRANSFERRED Rx (to 7/31)

Today (July 3) is the last day to grab a Giant Eagle sales flyer with the awesome Rx coupon (good til July 31, 2013) that gives you up to $30 in free/discounted fuel for a TRANSFERRED prescription.

To make it better, you can bring a coupon for EACH prescription you transfer.  No limit ... per transaction ... per day ... per week/month/year (as Walgreens sometimes imposes) ... per "life" (like Kroger imposes).  Have 6 prescriptions to trans fer from Kroger or CVS or wherever and 6 of these coupons, you're good to go.

Bring in the coupons and pick them all up at once for $6  in FuelPerks (plus 20 cents more in FuelPerks per $50 in co-pays you pay).  That can add up to a FREE fill up (or two) quickly. 

Sorry I didn't give you a heads-up earlier in the week.  The new one that will be in stores beginning July 4 does NOT have a coupon. :-(

But check your recycle bin and check with a neighbor if you need one and overlooked it.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Giant Eagle: Up to $30 in gas savings per Rx transfer

Expires June 30, 2013.

Usual $1 in FuelPerks for each prescription you transfer to Giant Eagle (up to 30 gallons; no maximum savings; get enough Perks, gas is FREE).  Plus your copays earn more points -- for now at temporarily higher 30 cents per $50 (along with all other items besides gift cards which get 20 cents in perks).

Sales flyer in stores through Tuesday.  Stock up.  You need one for each Rx you transfer in to get the extra $1 in FuelPerks.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Kroger touts $25 in Free Groceries for Rx transfer

Kroger blitzed Columbus with big mentions of their "coupon-less" offer of $25 in Free Groceries for a prescription transferred in from competitor.

I first noticed it IN (and ON) the bag dropped each weekend near my mailbox/driveway.  One almost-full side of the bag lists the offer under smaller ad for McDonald's.

The Kroger sales flyer inside (and at stores this week) prominently mentions it. 

And on the front page of The Columbus Dispatch was an ad from Kroger about it in top right corner (where no self-respecting, decent newspaper sells ad space).

No expiration date is listed. Where the fine print is large enough to read without a microscope, it does mention that to qualify, the script had to have been filled at the previous pharmacy -- new, I think, to Kroger Rx stipulation.  Giant Eagle added it a dew months ago (if I recall correctly).  I never intentionally tried to have Rx dropped at one (without filling & picking up) and then transferring to another.  That's just rude and annoying.

Reminder:  Bring these ads to Giant Eagle and they will match the offer with $25 gift card for EACH prescription transferred to them (without the one-a-day, less-than-10-per-lifetime restrictions/hassles you'll encounter at Kroger).  Ask at CVS and they may match it too (though not as readily at many locations and with much hassle and whining -- especially at the Henderson Rd. location in Columbus).

Thursday, May 2, 2013

$30 in free/discounted gas per Rx transfer to Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle sales flyers (at least some/most?) in Columbus, OH, area have a new Rx coupon this week (in stores May 2-8, 2013).

It's their usual $1 in FuelPerks for a prescription transfer (you need a coupon for each; but no more one-a-day limit on coupon redemption -- for theirs or competitors coupons).

You can get up to 30 gallons with your FuelPerks discount.  What you pay for prescriptions counts toward FuelPerks (20¢ per $50) as well (just like grocery and gift card purchases).

Expires 5/31/2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kroger $25 free groceries with Rx transfer to 4/30

Kroger has been featuring their "Transfer a prescription, get $25 FREE groceries" promotion on the front of The Columbus Dispatch and in their weekly sales flyer -- including this week's in stores through Sunday (4/21).  In the fine print, it says the offer ends 4/30/2013. 

You likely don't need to bring a copy of this with you; just mention it to pharmacy clerk when transferring.  If you have more than one to transfer, ask of they'll give you the $25 gift with EACH transfer (as Giant Eagle will ... with their own & competitor coupons; and as Walgreens now does at most locations with their OWN coupons).

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Giant Eagle: Up to $30 in free/discounted fuel per Rx transfer

My favorite Rx coupon for free/discounted gas made a return in the Giant Eagle sales flyer that arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  It likely will be in most/many/some[?] C'bus, OH stores from April 4 to April 10.

With it, you earn an extra $1.00 in FuelPerks for each prescription you transfer to them (you'll need a separate coupon for each Rx; not valid for free Rx, of course).  You also earn 20¢ in FuelPerks for each $50 you spend on the prescriptions (co-pays, etc.), I think.

Expires 4/30/2013.

These are sometimes accepted by some CVS pharmacists -- matching with $10 to $30 gift card.  Others may ask you to bring gas receipt showing how many gallons your tank holds ... and granting you $1 on gift card per "proven" fuel capacity ... geez.  Others may totally refuse -- saying "We don't sell gas, so we can't match that one." (Similar to how one CVS pharmacy intern didn't want to honor a Kroger coupon offering $25 in "Free Groceries" -- claiming, "We can't match that because we don't sell groceries;" despite it saying "Foodmart" in giant letters on side of building and non windows of the CVS. Pllllease. )

Fill up on Rx and cheap/free gas.  There's no limit on how many FuelPerks you can earn -- up to and beyond FREE gas.  And they're cool if you bring gas cans to put those free/discounted gallons that didn't fit in your gas tank.

It's part of the Eagle Edge. ;-)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walgreens: $25 gift card for "EVERY" Rx transfer

As mentioned in last posting, Walgreens sales flyer in stores through yesterday featured the return of a coupon/ad with the word "EVERY."

And, in the new sales flyer out in today's Sunday newspaper (and in stores 3/31 to 4/6), it's still there.  On page 7.

Expires 5/31/2013.  These are also accepted at Giant Eagle, CVS & Kroger. [See last posting for details about which hassle you least/most ... and/or add arbitrary limitations ... despite their pledge to gladly accept competitors coupons.]

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Walgreens: The word "EVERY" returns in newest Rx xfer coupon

Walgreens: Rx Coupon in this week's sales flyer (in stores til close tonight) offers $25 gift card for "EVERY" prescription transfer.

The word had dropped out of previous coupon and signs promoting it had disappeared ... and one reader posted in comments that they were told they only get ONE gift card per LIFEtime.  They've ranged from EVERY prescription transfer gets to use coupon and get gift card to ONE per 6 MONTHS ... to more absurd limitations (similar to Kroger's lifetime max out after some arbitrary point).

Another place that accepts these (and all other competitors' Rx coupons) and hassles you least:

--> Giant Eagle

Those that honor these but are known to hassle or limit redemption (more than indicated by competitor):


+ Kroger

Monday, March 25, 2013

Giant Eagle online coupon for up to $30 in gas discounts with Rx transfer; $25 gift card @ Kroger

Giant Eagle's website has a link to a coupon online you can download and print.
-->  Download Rx Coupon
  It's worth $1 in FuelPerks -- that's $1 off up to 30 gallons of gas (a $30 value) -- when you TRANSFER a prescription to their pharmacy.  At Giant Eagle, there's no limit on how many FuelPerks you can earn, so you can earn FREE gas.  You also earn points for the money you pay at the Pharmacy -- at 20 cents per $50 (at least in Columbus market; 10 cents per $50 in most others).  The offer online currently expires 4/3/2013.  They have lately been accepting a coupon for EVERY prescription transferred with no daily limits or other hassles.

CVS will likely NOT honor the online coupon.  They tend to only accept those printed in newspapers or sales flyers.


At the top right of The Columbus Dispatch (Sunday, March 24, 2013) was an ad that Kroger runs occasionally mentioning they'll give you $25 in Free Groceries if you transfer a prescription to them.  They're not real friendly about it though if you try to bring them more than one prescription and more than one coupon (per lifetime).  See details at .

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walgreens $25 gift card for Rx transfer by 5/31/2013

In the Walgreens sales flyer this week -- in the Sunday newspaper (March 17, 2013) and in stores (through Saturday, March 23) -- there is again a coupon that says:

"Transfer a prescription to us and receive a FREE $25 Walgreens card."

This is the first time in a while they haven't included and emphasized the word "EVERY" and they took down the sign that mentioned that in the front window of the Walgreens at Henderson/Kenny in Columbus, Ohio.  So perhaps they're back to their old ways of trying to only honor ONE prescription with a gift card.  Not sure.  If you find out, please leave details with a comment (and specify which location you went to).

These are accepted by Giant Eagle, CVS, and Kroger (in most markets).

It's on Page 12.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

$25 for each Rx transfer to Walgreens, Kroger & more

$25 incentives to transfer prescriptions were all over The Columbus Dispatch on Sunday (Feb. 17) -- a Kroger ad on top right of the front page touted their offer and their usual promise to accept competitor coupons; and, inside the Walgreens sales flyer for this week was another of their coupons.

Extended Expiration Dates:
Walgreens extended their offer to the end of May.
Kroger's coupon-less offer is now good through the end of March.

Walgreens promises a $25 gift card for EVERY prescription you transfer.  Kroger has been known to limit to once per day (or worse -- sometimes saying one per week/transaction/whatever; with lifetime limits after a certain number; see, for details on how they are known to be
Rx Coupon Curmudgeons).  

The sales flyer for Walgreens is in stores through today (Saturday, Feb. 23).  The location at Kenny and Henderson has a sign in the window (that's been there for months) that also touts the "Get $25 Gift Card for EVERY prescription you transfer here" promise.  You can also sign up ONLINE to transfer to Walgreens (and get $25 gift card for each prescription transferred) at:

UPDATE (Feb. 24):   The new Walgreens sales flyer that came out today also has the same coupon in it (with the same 5/31 expiration date).

 Kroger also mentions their "Transfer a prescription, get $25 FREE Groceries!" deal in this week's sales flyer (distributed by the bag tossed on your driveway or doorstep or somewhere near your mailbox this week; I had several blow into my driveway each day this week).  Here's what was in that ad:

The Walgreens coupons are accepted at Giant Eagle and CVS (at least in the Columbus, Ohio, area).  Giant Eagle will accept the "coupon-less" Kroger ads as a coupon -- either the ad in the Kroger sales flyer or the ad from the Dispatch (even the little one at top of front page sometimes).  And Giant Eagle no longer limits you to using one Rx coupon per day (the way Kroger does).

Monday, January 14, 2013

Walgreens: $25 gift card with every Rx transfer (sales flyer, Jan. 13-18)

Again this week, Walgreens has in their sales flyer a coupon that promises a $25 gift card for EVERY prescription you transfer to them from some competitor.  It still expires 5/31/2013.  This is the sales flyer in Sunday newspapers on January 13, 2013, and in stores through Saturday, January 18, 2013.

BEWARE:  I learned today the hard way that if you transfer prescriptions to Walgreens but aren't able to pick them up within 10 days, you lose out on being able to use your Rx coupon.  According to the pharmacy manager (at the one on Kenny Rd. in Columbus, Ohio), their system won't let them honor the coupons when it's not logged in their system as a new transfer.  Even though she can see that it was transferred to them, she claims she can't override the system to make the coupon work.  So, don't come down with the flu right after you order some meds (as I did) and miss your evaporating chance to use your coupons.   If it happens, though, you don't have to put up with that nonsense.  Just do what I did -- transfer to a third pharmacy the drugs you were going to buy at Walgreens.  They apparently aren't that dedicated to winning back the tons of business they lost in their war with Express Scripts.  One of the most annoying things the pharmacy manager said to me was that the only way she could give me a gift card is to have it come out of her pharmacy's budget (as opposed to however the system-allowed gift cards hit her account).  Her pharmacy budget will be more affected by me never using Walgreens again.

REMINDER:  CVS, Giant Eagle, and Kroger accept competitor's coupons (including these from Walgreens).   Kroger just reminded people of this in a front page ad this past week on the top of The Columbus Dispatch and in their sales flyer last week.  Also, the "Who accepts competitor coupons" chart at needs to be updated (when I get a chance).  Giant Eagle now accepts an unlimited number of competitor coupons each day (rather than just one a day).  Or at least that's true in the Columbus, Ohio, market.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Walgreens: $25 gift card for EVERY Rx transferred

Walgreens proclaims on front page of it sales flyer this week (Jan 6 to 12) that they will give you a free $25 Walgreens card for EVERY transferred prescription.

This is reiterated on page 8 where they list a coupon.
It expires 5/31/2013.

UPDATE (Jan. 14):  See "BEWARE" in Jan. 14 posting.
If you don't pick up your Rx within 10 days (before it's restocked),
you lose your ability to use the coupon at Walgreens.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kroger: Get $25 Free Groceries with Rx transfer to Jan. 31

Kroger, in its new sales flyer arriving on doorsteps this weekend in Columbus (Ohio), advertises on the bottom front page (in fold-out):

"Transfer a prescription, get $25 FREE Groceries!*
We accept competitors' pharmacy coupons.
Transfers are easy...  ask your Pharmacist for details."

Offer expires 1/31/13.
This is the sales flyer valid Monday (1/7) to Sunday (1/13).
Doesn't look like a coupon and usually you just mention the offer at pharmacy at Kroger to have them honor it.  You should probably bring it with you though and, if you have more than one Rx to transfer, ask pharmacist if they'll give you $25 Rx Rewards for each (and whether they still have one/day limit or lifetime max.).

If you take this to Giant Eagle pharmacy in Columbus, they'll likely honor (and without daily limit).  Some CVS locations will honor as well.  But the lack of dashed lines around it and a barcode makes some hassle you and say it's "not a coupon" -- this, they don't have to honor pledge to take competitor coupons (never mind that the point is to natch whatever offer a competitor is making).