Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Giant Eagle has Rx coupons in new sales flyer in some stores 2/26 to 3/4 (expires 3/25)

Yahoo! My "Weekly Specials" email from Giant Eagle just alerted me to some good news that will be in the sales flyer to debut on Thursday (Feb. 26) at some central Ohio locations:

* Mix & Match 10 for $10 (sound familiar? ;-)
* Buy 1 get 1 free on some meat (nom, nom)
* And, most importantly ...

Rx COUPON worth up to $30 in free/discounted gas for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription you take them. Other pharmacies also accept these (giving $20 to $30 gift card or Rx Rewards) as detailed in "Which pharmacies accept competitors' coupons?" list.

To see if the Giant Eagle near you has the coupon, go to the Giant Eagle locations list and then click on "Weekly Specials" link to right of the address. You'll see this week's flyer at first (until Thursday 2/26). To the left, you'll see a link to "next week's" specials/flyer. Click on that. And then go to p. 16 and flip back to p. 13 to see if you see an Rx coupon there. It's where you'll find it in most. The Lancaster one is sometimes on the back page or front page. If your "Weekly Specials" sales flyer only has 12 pages instead of 16, sorry ... yours isn't as special as some and does not have the wrap-around short sheet with the Rx coupon appearing at bottom of front page of the printed version (hidden on p. 13 on most electronic copies).

Here's a map of Giant Eagle locations that recently had these coupons (usually only about 7 of the 25 central Ohio locations have them). A smaller version of it is in the right column on this page.

Expires 3/25/09. These should appear in stores on Thursday morning (2/26).

Most Giant Eagle locations will allow you to transfer to them or bring as many new prescriptions as you want (and use a coupon for each one; just make sure you have a separate coupon for each one; and don't try to use the one at Hayden & Cosgray in "Dublin" more than once per prescription per year as the pharmacist or general manager there seems to have made up their own limitations).

Walgreen's coupon for $25 gift card with Rx transfer

In the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, Feb. 22, there was a Walgreen's sales flyer with an Rx coupon for a $25 gift card for a TRANSFER of a prescription.

Walgreen's is very restrictive with their coupons. This one indicates limit ONE per customer. And they indicate that any customer who has redeemed a Walgreens prescription offer in the last 6 MONTHS is not eligible.

However, you can use these at other pharmacies. Some may hold you to the 6-month limit indicated in the terms while others will not. See this "Which pharmacies take competitors' coupons" list.

It expires 5/24/09. If you missed the Sunday newspaper, you can still buy it at Giant Eagle throughout the week. Also the sales flyers are available through Saturday (Feb. 28) at the entrance to most central Ohio Walgreen's locations.

It's wrapped around the outside. They may be missing from the first several in stack as people grabbed a few extra.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Up to $30 savings with Giant Eagle Rx coupon

The "Weekly Specials" sales flyers that came out at several Giant Eagle groceries in central Ohio TODAY (and will be in stores through next Wednesday) contain an Rx coupon.

Earn $1 in FuelPerks (up to $30 in free/discounted gas) with each new/transferred prescription you bring WITH a coupon. For 3 prescriptions, you'll need 3 coupons. Transfers from other Giant Eagles don't count.

The map to the right shows which locations had sales flyers WITH Rx coupons last week. Larger map at: http://bit.ly/GiantEagle .
The first few I've checked have them again this week. To check locations closer to you, go to http://GiantEagle.Rx4Less.net and click on "Weekly Specials" link to view the sales flyer at that store. Coupons for most that have them are on p. 13 (or p. 16 -- Lancaster).

To see what other pharmacies accept these coupons (and with what limitations/hassles if any), see the Rx Coupons Matrix at: http://matrix.Rx4Less.net .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Target coupon for $10 gift card for new, transferred prescription

Target sales flyers this week (included with Sunday's Columbus Dispatch ... and most other Sunday newspapers in region) have a coupon worth a $10 Target gift card for EACH new or transferred prescription you bring them. A coupon is required for each. If you need more than one, ask the customer service counter and/or pharmacy whether they have an extra sales flyer or two you can have.

Target does NOT limit how many of their own coupons you use -- beyond ONE per prescription. And, of course, transfers only count if it's from a competitor (not another Target location). They do NOT take competitor coupons.

Several pharmacies also accept Target coupons. See http://coupons.rx4less.net .

Monday, February 16, 2009

Giant Eagle Rx coupons -- WHERE to find them

The following Giant Eagle locations in Central Ohio have Rx coupons on the back page (p. 16) of their sales flyers this week (available through Wednesday) as shown in Google customized map at right and at: http://bit.ly/GiantEagle.

280 E. Whittier Street
Columbus, OH 43206

3841 S. Hamilton Road
Groveport, OH 43125

6700 Hayden Run Road
Dublin, OH 43016

4780 West Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43228

2900 Stelzer Road
Columbus, OH 43219

5461 New Albany Rd. W
New_Albany, OH 43054

At the following location (having a Grand Opening Sale), the $1 Gas Perks for New/Transferred Prescription coupon says it's only redeemable at Lancaster Giant Egle Pharmacy:

1394 Ety Shops Way
Lancaster, OH 43130

However, there's also a $5 off $50 grocery purchase coupon -- excluding prescriptions, gas, etc. -- that's also on back page; and it doesn't show location limitation (just a "limit one per customer" limitation).

On Wednesday night, you should be able to visit this web page -- http://GiantEagle.Rx4Less.net -- to look at the upcoming Weekly Specials (in sales flyer coming out Thursday) to see if coupons are still in new flyers coming out .. and whether other locations closer to you might have an Rx coupon in the next edition.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Giant Eagle $1 in GasPerks (save up to $30) for prescription (new/transfer)

If you're looking for a coupon TODAY, some locations of Giant Eagle have them in their sales flyers available in the store.

Look at http://GiantEagle.Rx4Less.net and click on "View Weekly Specials" to see if the coupon appears in the sales flyer of a store near you.

The 2/5-11 flyer has the coupon on Page 4. It expires 3/5/2009.

The 2/12-18 flyer has the coupon on the back page of the wrap-around -- Page 16. It expires 3/11/2009.

It's good for NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription.

Some locations of CVS and Kmart also accept these.