Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kroger continues coupon-less $25 incentive to xfer Rx

In "TheBag" that arrived in my driveway Saturday (June 9), was another Kroger sales ad that promotes their continuing incentive to transfer a prescription to get "$25 in FREE Groceries."

It's at the bottom of Page 2 and says the offer expires 6/30/2012.  Every month this year (I think), they've pushed off the expiration date once they near it.  So don't be surprised if they stretch it to the end of July or August or beyond.

Part of the fine print says: "Restrictions and exclusions apply.  See pharmacy for details."  (This is where they hide things like they'll blacklist you from getting any more free groceries after perhaps as few as 3 or 4 transfers ... or ban you from going to any Kroger for life after they think you've used way too many competitor coupons -- which their signs and ads claimed they gladly accepted.)   ;-)    They may limit you to ONE per DAY ... or ONE per TRANSACTION ... or whatever.  If so, ask if you can stop by on separate days for each Rx to get multiple rewards.

Where else will match?

Giant Eagle (at least some locations) will match this and not hassle you as much. They do limit competitor coupons for Rx to one per day (but there's no "lifetime limit" like Kroger sometimes imposes).  As it's not a real "coupon" with dashed lines around it, just rip out the bottom of the Kroger sales flyer where it describes the offer and bring that in.  Also, if it runs at top of The Columbus Dispatch front page, you can rip that thing off and take it in as a coupon too.

CVS had been accepting these but the one near me started hassling me so I used other Rx coupons with them instead.

Stay healthy!