Monday, January 20, 2014

Kroger gives $1 in free gas for Rx transfer

Kroger in Columbus is offering $1 off gas if you transfer a prescription to them.

This was mentioned in ad on from page of The Columbus Dispatch several times recently and in their sales flyer.

Keep in mind they usually only allow you to redeem one offer at pharmacy per day.

Also, unlike Giant Eagle, gas discounts max out @ $1 off per gallon no matter how many groceries & prescriptions you buy.

Giant Eagle lets you have an unlimited amount of FuelPerks -- allowing you to get a free fill up

Also your discount lasts twice as long -- lasting 60 days from end of month vs. just 30 (at Kroger).

Giant Eagle accepts the Kroger offers (bring in the Kroger ad from paper or sales flyer).  They also have had their own coupons (2 or 4 at a time usually) in their dales flyer lately.  They're glad to let you redeem 4 (or more) with 4 (or more) prescription transfers from competitors.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Start 2014 with $120 in free gas (with 4 Rx transfers to Giant Eagle)

Giant Eagle helps you start 2014 the right way -- with $30 in free gas for each prescription you transfer.

This week's sales flyer (that arrived in stores today, Jan. 2, in the Columbus, OH, area) has not one but FOUR coupons worth $1 in FuelPerks for each prescription you transfer to Giant Eagle pharmacy.  They don't expire until 2/14/2014 (Valentine's Day).

What a sweet deal, eh?!

Of pharmacies in the area that accept competitor Rx coupons, Giant Eagle gives you the least hassle -- no limits per day/year/life ... or other arbitrary exclusions and grief (as you'll often find at CVS and Kroger).

Show 'em some love for having the best Rx coupons (and Rx coupon policy) and take your prescriptions there.  You'll love having a free FILL UP after just 3 or four transfers.  Your co-pays and other purchases also earn FuelPerks discounts -- 20¢ per $50 spent.